by Nance Gice
 Beyond The Xena Scrolls
the trilogy

This trilogy will take you on an unforgettable adventure with Melinda Pappas and Dr. Janis Covington after they bring the Xena Scrolls back to America. 

Learn about the hidden scroll they find, where it leads them and the amazing discovery they make. Find out why there was only a single chakram left in the scrolls tomb. And what about Ares? How did he escape his 20th century prison?  We know he did.

This presentation comes complete with 
animations, sounds and commercials.
Final Redemption

Xena is haunted by the past she thought had long-since been put behind her when she battles a blood thirsty warlord, who has vowed to take revenge by killing Gabrielle.

Be prepared to stay on the edge 
of your chair the entire time. 
Seat belts not included. 


Xena is forced to contend with senseless tribal rituals when Gabrielle takes on her new role as Amazon royalty. The situation quickly escalates by the appearance of some very unusual strangers.

A crossover episode that will dazzle 
Xena and Star Trek fans of all ages.

After escaping the evil clutches of Alti in the 21st century, the Xena and Gabrielle clones must find a way to blend into the modern times they now live in.

Where they go and who they meet 
makes for this light-hearted adventure that will thrill you at finding out how Xena deals with the series finale.

2nd Place Award winner in the 
March 2003 AUSXIP Clonefic contest.