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Map Quest
Guess Who's
Coming to Dinner
Episode 3
Beyond the XenaScrolls
Mini Series

[fade in]


Janis, will you look at that view.
It was definitely worth the climb.

Just be careful up here.  It's
a long way to the bottom.
According to these directions, I think
we're getting close to the Falls.

Janis and Melinda walk in the direction of the cave, meandering around the same rocks described in the scroll.  Up ahead, they see the entrance.

Janis, what about that winged creature?

First of all...  Xena killed the creature. 
Second of all... that was over 2000 years ago. 
I don't think we have anything to worry about.

They enter the cave and start on the trail.  The cave looks as though it has been untouched by time.  The same orange glow from the walls, illuminates their way.

Janis and Melinda continue down the trail for the better part of the day, lost in the
magnitude of where they are.  As they walk, Melinda feels something light and feathery drop on her.  She feels the top of her head, to see what it is.

Janis, do you see anything on me?

With that, a huge spider scurries over Melinda's face and she freezes in terror.

Wow!  That's the biggest
spider I've ever seen.

Melinda begins to panic.


Janis takes her coiled bull whip and sweeps it off of Melinda's face.  The spider
scurries off into the safety of the darkness.

I hate spiders. 
They give me the creeps.
How much longer till
we're out of this cave?

The end is just up ahead where that light is.

Janis and Melinda exit the cave into a large clearing.  In the distance they can hear the sound of raging waters.

Just think, we are going to
see a piece of ancient history.
I think I'm going to pop again.

I wish my father was here to see this.

They start to walk to the top of the ridge and when they get there, they are greeted by the magnificence of the Falls of Oceanus.

Janis and Melinda stand speechless for a short while.

Let's get closer.

As they walk to the cliff's edge, directly opposite the Falls, it elongates and
changes color, just as described in the scroll.

Suddenly, part of the cliff gives way, sending Janis and Melinda over the edge.

They each grab hold of a vine, which prevents them from falling to the ground, but
they are both helplessly suspended over the side of the cliff.

Janis.... what are we going to do?

Just hang on until I think of something.


Janis takes the bullwhip from her belt and tries to hook the end around a piece of
protruding rock, and has no luck.  They both continue to hold on, but time is running out.

Then, out of nowhere, a hand reaches down and grabs Melinda, hoisting her back
up the side of the cliff.

The hand then reaches down again and pulls up Janis. 

[cut to]


Janis and Melinda both stare in disblief at the figure that is standing before them.

Are...are you who I think you are?

My name is Xena.

How can this be?
It's impossible.

Difficult to explain, Yes...
Impossible, No.
Follow me and I will put your minds at ease.

Xena leads Janis and Melinda down the side of the cliff and toward  the Falls.  When they get to the base, Xena takes them behind the cascade of water and into a cave.

Welcome... I'm Gabrielle. 
We've been expecting you.

How do you know who we are?

Why don't you sit down and make yourselves
comfortable while I tell you the story. 
After all, I am a bard.

I'll get some wood for the fire.

Janis and Melinda, still in shock, sit down on a log that rests by the fire. Gabrielle sits down opposite them and Xena stands behind Gabrielle, after she finishes stoking the fire.

Last year in early spring, Xena
fell into a deep sleep for a day.
When she finally woke up, she
told me that she had been in
a tomb with Ares, god of war, 
a woman named Janis and
a man named Jack. 

Janis and Melinda are riveted to every word Gabrielle speaks.

Xena said she had fought
Ares, to prevent him from
escaping into the world and
that the woman named Janis,
had retrieved my scrolls,
from in the tomb.  I figured that
you would eventually discover
the hidden story.

How did Ares get put into the tomb?

When Xena was killed in Japa, Ares vowed
to anihilate the entire population, for what
they did, so the remaining gods banded
together and imprisoned him in the tomb.
Only Xena would have the power to release him, 
but since she was dead, the gods thought he
would be there forever.

The scrolls, never talked about what
happened after Japa.  I don't understand,
how are you here today?

After Xena died, I went back to Greece. 
I wandered for months, trying to get my
life in order.  One day a monk from Japa
found me and told me that Akemi had lied,
by telling Xena that she had to remain dead
in order to avenge the 40,000 lost souls.

Gabrielle pauses and takes a deep breath.

Akemi assumed that I would be killed
while trying to retrieve Xena's body,
then Xena would have no reason to want to
return.  But since I survived the challenge,
Akemi told Xena this lie, to keep her from leaving.

Xena leans down and puts her hand on Gabrielle's shoulder.

I was devastated because I had the chance to
bring her back, on Mount Fugi and I didn't,
at her misguided request.

Gabrielle bushes a tear from her eye, still finding it difficult to speak of this event, even after all these years.

The guilt was eating away at me, so I decided
to returned to the Falls of Oceanus hoping to
regain the inner peace I had experienced
there once before and to scatter Xena's ashes.
The first thing I did was to swim in the waters
to rejuvenate my inner self enough to go on.

Melinda begins to weep.

That is just so sad.

I stayed for a few days and as I
was about to leave, I climbed to the
top of the Falls and released Xena's
ashes.  They gently disbursed and
fell into the waters.
As I started to leave, I saw a whirlwind
form and it spun to the shore.  As it
disappeared, I saw the outline of a
something lying on the ground.  I
climbed down to the valley floor as
fast as I could and when I got there,
I found Xena.  The waters of the Falls
had once again rejuvenated her.

Janis and Melinda continue to sit there speechless. 

Finally Janis speaks.

How is it that you are still alive today?

After we realized the power of the Falls,
Xena decided that she had more than
redeemed herself from her past and when
the times of ancient gods, warlords and
kings had ended, we came here to live.
We have left only on occasion and have
become a part of history under other names.
You have known Xena as warriors such as
Catherine the Great, Ella Hattan, and Anna Dosa.

And you have known me as such playwrites as
Katherine Philips, Margaret Cavendish and Hanna Moore.

Xena was Catherine the Great?
Oh my!

Remember, you and Janis are also our descendants,
as Ares revealed to you at the cave in Macedonia.

Janis and Melinda look at each other in amazement, as reality sets in.

Gabrielle and I were pleased when we
discovered that two of our distant relatives
had come together and would be the
ones to find us.  But this place must
remain a secret to the world.
That's why I caused your
guide to take the fall that he did.
You must vow never to reveal any
knowledge of this place to anyone.

Janis and Melinda look at each other and make a pact to respect the wishes of  Xena and Gabrielle.

The four women spend the rest of the day and well into the night talking about war 
and peace, history and myth, love and hate.   And finally, eternal bonds of friendship.

[cut to]


In the morning, Janis and Melinda pack up to leave.  Before she goes, Janis pulls the map scroll and her journal out of her backpack, giving them to Gabrielle.

Here... I think these belong to you.
Best keep them here to assure this place
will never be found again.

Gabrielle takes the writings from Janis and then hugs her.

You are not only our descendents,
but also our friends.

Xena leads Melinda and Janis back through the cave and down the great vine. When they reach the ground, Xena bids them farewell and then disappears back up into the foliage.

Janis and Melinda start walking back up the dirt road, toward the shack, still in a daze of wonder.

[cut to]


Ladies, glad to see you.
Did you find all the sites you were looking for?

Oh yes.. I guess you could say we got an eye full.

The two weary women climb into the back seat of the car and are strangely silent on the trip back, knowing that their lives will be fovever changed as a result of their Map Quest.


[cut to commercial and closing credits]