The adventure of a lifetime is in store for Melinda Pappas  
and Janis Covington as Melinda makes an amazing 
discovery while translating The Xena Scrolls. 


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6 months have passed since Janis and Melinda discovered the Xena Scrolls.  
Janis is away on an archeological dig and Melinda has taken a job as an Archives 
Associate at Harvard University.


[fade in]


It is crisp October evening as Melinda walks down a leaf covered path on her way 
to the University.  The air has the smell of winter and the leaves crunch under her 
feet, announcing her arrival to every squirrel on the block.  She stops at the stairs 
of a small, ivy covered building.  It is the place where the Xena Scrolls are being 
stored.  As she starts up the stairs, Melinda sees a figure of a man coming towards
her.  Giving a strained squint, she soon determines it is the grounds keeper. 

Good evening Miss Pappas.  
What brings you out this late?

(in a refinded, southern accent) 
Oh, I was feeling restless so I thought
 I would do some work.

You need to pace yourself.  You know 
what they say about all work and no play.

Yes sir.  But don't I see you here all the time.  
You need to take your own advice.

You're right Miss Pappas, I guess it's in our natures.  
Have a nice evening.

Bye Bye.

Melinda continues up the stairs and into the building.  Her foot steps echo as she 
clickity clacks down a long hallway.  

Entering the scroll room, she snaps on the light switch.  The bulb illuminating the 
room is coated with dust, creating a warm, diffused glow.  There is a musty smell 
that permeates throughout the building.  This aroma reminds Melinda of visits to her 
father's University office as a child.  

On a table, in the corner, sits a row of neatly aligned scrolls.  Melinda carefully unrolls 
the one entitle "One Against an Army" and continues to translate the symbols that 
cover the page. 

(talking to herself)
Only two more scrolls to 
go and I will be finished.  
Janis will be happy 
 when she comes back.

As she continues to pen her translation, Melinda's mind keeps retreating to thoughts 
of sleep. Suddenly, her eyes grow wide, as she reads the seemingly never ending 
fight scene in the barn between Xena and the Persians.  Her eyebrows raise when 
she comes to the part where Xena pummels the soldiers, as she effortlessly swings 
the ball and chain over her head. 


Completely absorbed in the story, Melinda is startled when something runs 
across her foot.  She jumps and the scroll drops to the floor rolling as if it were 
chasing the mouse, that is fleeing the scene of the crime.  Melinda retrieves the 
fallen scroll, unrolls it and continues her translation.  Not realizing that she has 
opened it upside down, she becomes confused as she continues to read.  
Then, with a gasp, Melinda utters her trademark line...

                                     Ohhh My!                                      

[fade out]


[dissolve to opening theme ]


               In the time of ancient gods, warlords and kings.  
              A land in turmoil cried out for a hero.  She was Xena.
             A mighty princess, forged in the heat of battle.

       The Power... The Passion... The Danger...
   Her courage will change the world.

[cut to commercial]

Xena Warrior Princess is brought to you in part by...


[fade out]
Legend of the Falls