In the times of ancient gods, warlords and kings, a land cried out for a Savior. He was Christ Jesus, the Lamb of God, chosen to pay for the sins of mankind.  The power, the passion, the danger; His sacrifice will save the world.

There came a decree from the one true God that man had fallen and become separated from Him (Romans 3: 10-18).  And man tried to be good as a way of reaching God, but he could not do so because of his sinful nature.  God said, unless man was perfect, he could not dwell with Him (Romans 3:23). So God gave man a way to become cleansed of the imperfections, through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ (Romans 3:24-25).  God did this because of His love for man (John 3:16). He said it was the only way (1st Timothy 2:5).

In the town of Bethlehem, a child was born who was Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world (Luke 2:10,11). He walked on the earth with sinful man, yet lived a perfect life. He was crucified and rose from the dead to prove his claim (Acts 2:23,24).

And God said, if anyone accepts the gift of the sacrifice of my Son, they will be washed of their sins and be able to enter my Kingdom (Romans 6:23).

Many people were swayed by Lucifer not to believe that this was the only way. But the ones who did, received the free gift of salvation and spent eternity in Heaven with God (Titus 3:7).

The End
(Or is it really the beginning?)