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Favorite - Character:Gabrielle, Episode: Is there a Doctor in the House?, Season: 2, 
Weapon: original chakram - Australia
I 1st notice XWP ads on Hercules while watching it with my nephew. I had doubts at the beginning but was hooked 
from the very 1st episode and have not looked back since. In Australia we would get Xena at 2am and since I was going to 
school, I used to tape it and watch it on the weekends. I am now collecting the DVDs and am waiting for season 4 to come out.
 I hope that a movie will be made soon and I'm sure that all will be happy to see our heroes back together.

Favorite - Character: Xena/Ares, Episode: The Bitter Suite, Season:3, Weapon: original chakram - USA
I was flipping through channels when I saw the episode The Reckoning. I admired Xena's strength against temptation (cuz Ares was HOT!) 
and I immediately wanted to be like her. I got made fun at school for watching the show. The kids would always make me imitated her warrior 
cry so they could laugh at me. I also learned Xena's tactics for intimidation so to this day, they think twice before picking on me.

Favorite - Characters: All, Episode: The Bitter Suite/When Fates Collide, Season: 6, 
Weapon - Anything Xena touches - USA
Another mature friend told me to watch. I saw a silly episode and said, "NO WAY" She said, watch again so I did and ZAP!  I own 
lots of Xena things and hope to bring them one day to the Antiques Road Show. I read as much Uber as my eyes will allow. I love the 
Lawless/O'Connor chemistry. Funny how it can work with the ladies and not just the Bruce Willis type.  Yippee!

Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: One Against and Army, Season:3, Weapon: staff - USA
In 6th grade I as watching TV like most kids do and there it was. I think the 1st episode I saw was Sins of the Past. I started from the beginning. 
Now I'm 17 and own seasons 1-4 on DVD and have seen pretty much all of the episodes except some from season 5.  I wish I could get OXYGEN.

Favorite - Character - Xena, Episodes: All, Season: 2, Weapon: Chakram - England
I started watching Hercules first with my mom and then I started watching Xena. It was a natural progression.

Jonathon Magallenes
Favorite - Characters- Xena/Gabrielle, Episode: All, Season: 1, Weapon: Chakram - USA
I was actually a fan of Hercules and when Xena aired, I thought I wouldn't like it because it was a spinoff. Little did I know that Xena was better 
than Hercules. I own the season and trilogy DVD's and can't wait for seasons 5 and 6 to come out. I am a total Xena fan

Favorite - Characters: Gabrielle/Callisto, Episode: The Ring Trilogy/Ides of March/When Fates Collide, 
Seasons 4/6, Weapons: sais/Ares sword - USA
I was bored one day and was channel surfing when 2 striking, ass-kicking women caught my attention and I've been hooked ever since. Nobody 
can deny the impact that the show has had and that Xena and Gabrielle are symbols for strong, independent woman. Their relationship was so inspirational and such a heart breaker to see them separated in the damn series ending. 3 years later there is still such support for a movie 
that it would be a great injustice if the suits don't make one.

Laura Peterson
Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Season: 1, Weapon: Staff - Canada
I watched Hercules with my mom then one day saw Xena and got hooked on it.

Favorite - Character: Xena, Episodes: All, Season: 4, Weapon: chakram - USA
I like Xena because there was nothing else on TV.

Scarlet Kitana
Favorite - Character:  Xena/Caesar, Episode:Destiny, Season: 3, Weapon: sais - UK
Just started watching the show when it first aired and was hooked.

Schandrasekaran Chandra
The first ever Xenaholic from India.

Favorite - Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, Episodes: All, Seasons: All, Weapons: staff/chakram - USA
Dark Obsession
I had always watched Hercules with my best friend so when Xena got her own show I was thrilled.

Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: Hooves and Harlots, Season: 1, Weapon: chakram - USA
I saw it on TV while channel surfing and now I'm completely obsessed with the show.

Favorite - Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode: Sins of the Past, Season: All, Weapon: chakram - USA

Found Xena the first of summer. Fell head over heels for this Devine show.  Don't think of much else these days. 
I'm a full fledged Xenaholic! Need help!! Need to talk!!! Please say there are more Xenites out there.

Favorite - Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode: When Fates Collide, Season: 3, Weapon: new chakram - USA
Saw it when it first aired and couldn't sit through an entire episode. Now I have no problem. The episode that hooked me was When Fates Collide. 
It made me say, "Whoa, wait a minute. What's going on here?" I like things that make me think.

Favorite - Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, Episodes: All, Seasons: All, Weapon: peacelover - Spain
I just started watching it an became a Xena fan.

Brooke Snider
Favorite - Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode: The Bitter Suite, Season: 3, Weapon: staff - USA
I started watching Hercules and when Xena spun off, I became a fan. I've been watching since I was 8.

Alyson Queen
Favorite - Character: Ares, Episode: The Bitter Suite, Season: 1, Weapon: peace lover - USA

Favorite - Character: Xena, Episodes: All, Season: All, Weapon:All - USA
Seeing the show, I love Lucy Lawless.

Favorite -  Character: Xena, Episode: The Abyss, Season: 3, Weapon: sword - Mexico
I love Lucy Lawless.

Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: The Bitter Suite, Seasons: 1-3, Weapon: staff/chakram - USA
By accident. I had liked the Herc movies and after it became a series I watched now and then. I had done the same thing with Xena 
and when I saw The Bitter Suite, I was hooked.

Favorite - Character: Xena, Episodes: Fallen Angel, Ides of March, Warrior Priestess Tramp, 
When in Rome, The Debt,Season: 1, Weapon: Xena's fist  - USA
I'm a 47 year old male and my daughter and I just got back from seeing LOTR Twin Towers. I turned on the telly and saw Xena. It reminded 
me of LOTR so I kept watching. What I saw was amazing. The best TV show ever. In my opinion Lucy Lawless is an outstanding actress is the 
rest of the cast. I watch very little TV because there is not much of anything good on anymore (Voyager, The Giants and A's excluded), 
but this show is incredible and brings tears to my eyes.  There are a few episodes I don't watch though (Hope storyline and the Sin Trades). 
I am a Christian male, probably the least likely person to be a Xena fan, but I am. As for subtext, I think Xena and Gab are really spiritual 
more than anything, two epic heroes. That's what I like about Xena. She is a hero and you don't get that much on TV anymore. 

Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: The Deliverer, Season: 3, Weapon: Staff - USA
I first saw it when it premiered and have loved it ever since.

Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: The Debt, Seasons: All but 5, Weapon: sword - USA
I was flipping through the channels one Saturday and low and behold, there was this beautiful woman with a feisty side kick and I was hooked.

Favorite: Character: Valasca, Episode: none, Season: 5, Weapon: sword - USA
I've been watching Xena since I've been little. I like the fact that she started the female butt kicking era.

Laura Ortega
Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: Day in the Life, Season: 6, Weapon: chakram - Mexico

Favorite - Character: All, Episode: All, Season: 3, Weapon: Xena's A#% kickin' legs - USA
It was 1999I was pregnant with my 1st child when I was flipping through channels one day and there she was. I watched 2 more times and
 got hooked.

Favorite - Character: Ares, Episode Warrior...Princess, Season 1, Weapon: sword - Germany
I don't know when I became a Xena freak, but I know it happened. I just love it.

Favorite - Character: Xena/Ares, Episode: All, Season: 2, Weapon: chakram - Switzerland
I saw it on TV and BOOM! I was a fan.

Favorite - Characters: All, Episode: All, Season: All, Weapon: peace lover - USA

Favorite - Character: Xena/Gab/Eve/Solan/Joxer, Episodes: Ides of March, When Fates Collide,
Season: 4, Weapon: chakram - USA
I became a fan in 1999.

Favorite - Characters: Xena/Aphrodite/Joxer, Episodes: One Against an Army/Is There a Doctor in the House?
Season: 2, Weapon: Chakram - Australia

I was channel surfing one day when suddenly the part of the theme where Xena is fastening her leathers caught my attention. It was years 
later when I started catching up with the episodes (I still haven't seen them all.) I find Xena a great  entertainment series with growing acting, 
heaps of humor and a beautiful relationship between 2 very talented actresses. Oh, and Lucy, you're gorgeous...Well done.

Favorite - Character: Xena/Ares, Episode, The Greater Good, Seasons: 1-4, Weapon: old chakram - Poland

Favorite - Character: Janice Covington, Episode: The Xena Scrolls, Season: 4, Weapon: staff - USA
I was channel surfing one day when I saw a scene from Sins of the Past  where Gabrielle is talking the cyclops out of eating her. I thought it 
was pretty funny but when I learned it was Xena, I turned it off.  This went on for a year of me turning it off when I found out it was Xena. 
Then I finally said, "This blonde chick is pretty funny." and I've been a fan ever since.

Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: A Day in the Life, Seasons: All, Weapon: sword - UK
Started watching Hercules (thought it was lots of fun) and absolutely loved  the episode where Xena debut. Never looked back.

Ivis Mighty
Favorite -Character: Xena, Episode: The Bitter Suite, Season: All, Weapon: chakram - Latvia
It started with Cleopatra 2525. Later I decided to check out Sam's other work. I LOVE LUCY.

Favorite - Characters: Xena/Gabrielle/Callisto, Episodes: The Furies, The Bitter Suite, Fallen Angel,
Seasons: 2,5,6, Weapon: staff/sword - USA
I was flipping though channels last summer and started watching as a joke. Now I'm obsessed and want to buy everything Xena I can find. 
I record every episode and hope to someday star in a similar series, that is if I become an actress.

Christopher Harnyrd
Favorite - Characters: Xena/Alti, Season: Adventures in the Sin Trade, Season 4, Weapon: chakram - Sweden
The Chakram Arcs
Watched some episodes and liked it a lot. Then watched all of season 4, Woke up in the middle of the night after watching Ides of March 
and stared into the darkness for hours totally overcome. I have been in love with it ever since. Luckily, my wife is a Xena fan too.

Favorite - Character: All, Episode: All, Season: All, Weapon: All - USA
Safe to say, she likes it all.

Laura Petersen
Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: Sins of the Past, Season: 1, Weapon: sword - Canada
Bard Verses
My mom and I watches Xena when it first game on and then I got hooked.
FYI - Laura also appears in the Be a Guest Star section as both Minya and Gabrielle.

Favorite -  Character: Gabrielle, Episode: Animal Attraction, Seasons 5/6, Weapon: sais - USA

ROC Rulz

Started watching when the show first aired out here and fell in love with the concept of strong women on TV. There aren't many show on TV about
 woman warriors and they really took it to the next level. The fact of their friendship being so strong (Idontviewthemaslesbians) and them always being there 
for each other. I still watching the reruns on TV even though I have most of them on tape. Imagine that.

Favorite -  Character: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode: When Fates Collide, Season: 2, Weapon: Autolycus' apricot - England
Last  year December 3rd I was sick in bed for several week with severe flu and my everlovin left the TV on the Bravo channel where they were 
having a Xena weekend. The remote was left on the other side of the room and I was too weak to get it to change the channel. I had deliberately 
steered clear of Xena before that. By the end of the 2nd hour I was hooked. By the end of the month I had bought all 6 seasons on DVD and didn't
 watch anything but Xena for the next 4 months. I haven't looked back since. Rock on Girls!

Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: A Day in the Life, Season: 6, Weapon: sais - France
Watch Xena with my girlfriend.

Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: When Fates Collide, Season: 6, Weapon: peace lover - UK
Became a fan with my 6 year old daughter.

Debbie Nelson
Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: The Bitter Suite, Season: 2, Weapon: chakram - USA
I was channel surfing one day and saw a rerun. From then on I was hooked. I have seasons 1 - 5 on DVD and am awaiting 6.

Lola B.
Favorite - Character: Callisto, Episode: Fins Femmes & Gem, Season: 3, Weapon: chakram - USA
Poteidaia Chronicles
My online friend is obsessed with ROC and sent me a bunch of X/G pictures and fanfic sites. Then I discovered Xena on OXYGEN and I was hooked. 
A week later I saw Maternal Instincts and discovered the wonder that is Hudson Leick. The rest is history.

Ashley Stevens
Favorite - Character: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode: You Are There, Season: All, Weapon: peace lover

Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episodes: A Friend in Need, Lyre Lyre Heart's on Fire, 
Season:all Weapon: staff - Australia
100% fan for 7 years

Ana Avila
Favorite - Character: Annie, Episode: Cleopatra, Season: all,  Weapon: chakram - Mexico

Favorite - Character: Xena/Meg, Episode: 1 Against an Army/ Ides of March, Season: 4, Weapon: new chakram - Spain
Xena Art Gallery
I saw an episode several years ago and got hooked. Since then I've been a Xenite from top to bottom.

Ming the Merciless
Favorite -  Character: Xena, Episode Warrior...Princess, Seasons: 1,2  Weapon: thunder - Out Worlder
She looks like me.

Karissa Huff
Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: A Day in the Life, Season: 3, Weapon: sword - USA
I just happened to see it on TV one day and can't stop watching it.

Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: All, Season: All, Weapon: chakram - USA
I watched one episode and got hooked. I have every episode on DVD and I love them all.

Jonna Baskin
Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: A Day in the Life, Season: All, Weapons: chakram/sais - USA
I caught a promo for it on Hercules and couldn't wait to watch it but my cable provider wouldn't co-operate. So I hade to wait until season 2 
to start watching. I made up for it though, I taped every episode and made my friends watch too. They loved it too. I still have regular Xena 
marathons and also my "Wall of Xena" photo collection.

Favorite - Character: Callisto, Episode: Return of Callisto, Necessary Evil, Seasons:1,2, Weapon: chakram - Poland
I watched the 1st Hercules movie and it was stunning so I started watching the series. I saw Xena in one of the episodes and I knew she would be my favorite characters. 
Then they made it into a series and wow! I became a huge fans.  I am a maniacal Xenite who starts dancing around the fire when I here her name.

Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: All, Season: 1, Weapon: chakram - USA
I started watching Hercules when I was about 10. I thought it was a movie but it ended up being a series. I saw Xena on Hercules and her chakram 
caught my attention. I thought it was awesome. Then she became good and got her own series. I watched from beginning to end and 
loved every episode. I now own all the DVDs and watch them continually.

Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: The Bitter Suite, Season: 3, Weapon: staff/sais - USA
Never seen anyone kick someone's ass that special Xena way.  Also, that cry makes you smile if your a good guy and cringe if your 
a bad guy. Too cool. Got hooked in the middle of the 2nd season. Fun watching Gabby grow up and become the warrior she was destine to be.

Saida Bardiai
Favorite - Character : Xena, Episode: The Bitter Suite, Season: 1, Weapon: chakram - Holland
I started watching Xena when I was 12 and loved it so I watched the series from beginning to end.

Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: A Day in the Life, Season: 3, Weapon: chakram - USA
I am Xena.

Favorite - Character: Xena, Episodes: all, Seasons: all - USA

Oskar Foloway
Favorite -  Character: Xena, Episode: A Friend in Need, Season 4, Weapon: Gabby - Madrid

Favorite Character: Gabrielle, Episode: Been There Done That/Fallen Angel/The Bitter Suite, Season 3.4, Weapons: chakram/sword - USA
I watched Herc so I decided to watch it.

Holly Golightly
Favorite - Character: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode: All, Seasons: All, Weapon: sword - Germany
Actually, I don't remember, but it could have been a lazy TV Sunday. The important thing is that Xena changed my life by showing me that love 
is all we need and that everyone can change and make the world a better place.

Jeannette Vazquez
Favorite: Character - Xena, Episode, Heart of Darkness, Season: 5, Weapon: chakram - Virgin Islands
I became a Xena fan because of the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle and I like Greek mythology.
Xena changed my life and I want to thank the people who created her. I became a fan in 1995 when I 
was 11 years old. I'll be a Xena fan 4 ever. 

 Cherry Jones
Favorite Character: Xena, Episode, A Day in the Life, Season: 5, Weapon: Xena's body - Australia
I fell in love with the show in 1995 when I was 8 years old and now I'm 17. Xena rocks and I love the drama, comedy and the relationship between 
Xena and Gabrielle, which is one of friendship love and Xena sarcasm. Xena is the best right down to that evil grin of hers.

Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: God Fearing Child, Season: 5, Weapon: chakram - USA
We began watching reruns and then bought the whole series. The entire family watches. Sometimes for hours.

Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: Many Happy Returns, Season: 6, Weapon: chakram -USA
It only took 1 episode When Fates Collide to get me hooked. Then I had the urge to watch every episode starting from season 1.

Favorite - Character: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode: Idea of March, Season: 6, Weapon: staff - USA
I bought season 1 and the rest is history.

Favorite - Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode: All, Season All, Weapons: chakram, staff, sais - Finland
First read fanfiction then saw a few episodes. Now all my money goes to DVDs and my free time goes to reading about Xena.

Favorite -  Character: Gabrielle, Favorite Episode: Seeds of Faith & The Bitter Suite, Favorite Season: 5, Favorite Weapon: Sais - Australia
 I was addicted to the show when it was on TV, I used to tape it and watch it over, and over, and over!! Now I have just begun to collect the
 DVD box sets, as my VCR has finally exhausted itself

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:The Return of Valkyrie,  Season:4/6, Weapon: peace lover - Italy

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: All,  Season:All,  Weapon: the bilious green sports bra - Canada 
I've been a fan from the very start - from the dodgyaccents and wardrobe malfunctions to the time when subtext became maintext
 (and ruined the show- unresolved sexual tension is always more fun to watch. If I'm not getting any, neither should anyone else ;)

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle,  Episode: A Day In The Life Season: 3 Weapon: Super Chakram (seperated is even cooler) - USA
I was not a fan of Hercules (still not), but my mom was and she told me I might like the spin-off called "Xena". I told her I wasn't interested so 
I didn't watch the 1st season. One weekend while at college,  there was nothing on TV and as I was flipping through the channels I came 
across Xena. The episode was "A Day In The Life". I sat there, watched it, and when it was over I looked to see when it was going to show again. 
I was instantly hooked on the show and have been since that day! Lesson learned: Mom is always right!

Favorite  - Character: Callisto, Episode: Callisto, Season: Two, Weapon: Chakram - Australia
Watched the T.V shows.

Favorite  - Character: Xena/Callisto/Joxer, Episode:All, Season: All, Weapon:chakram - UK
I became a xena fan through my sister and then i just looked at it all the time, 6 years ago i even got all my friends to play xena when we 
used to have recess. 

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:Maternal Instincts, Favorite Season:3, Favorite Weapon:chobos - USA
Ever since the Hercules tv movies when I was a wee lad. When Xena eventually came on, I stopped watching Hercules and was a hardcore Xena fan. 
I stopped watching around the fourth season when I went away to college.  But have since rediscovered my Xena fandom since the DVD's started coming out.  
Now I own all of them and I am more a Xena fan then ever!

 Emanuelle Lefebure
Favorite  - Character:Xena and Gabrielle, Episode:One against an army, Season:3, Weapon:chakram and staff - Belguim
I watched the show and I was immediately a big fan.

Nicholas Greco
Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode:The Deliverer, Season: all, Weapon: peace lover - Australia
It was hard not to.

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: all, Season:2/3/4/5/6,  Weapon:staff/sai/chakram -  UK
Flickin though channels come across Xena,and saw the fighting. Been addicted ever since

Favorite - Character: Argo, Episode:Takes One to Know One,  Season:All, Weapon:chakram and staff - Spain
My sister said i'd enjoy it because of all the fighting and adventure.

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:A Day in the Life, Season:4/6,  Weapon: peace lover - USA

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode: Antony and Cleopatra, Season: 6, Weapon: Sais - USA
Just flipping through the channels one day... I was hooked instantly.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle,  Episode:When Fates Collide, Season 4,  Weapon:chakram - Mexico
When I saw the incredible friendship between two women.

Favorite  - Character: Xena,  Episode:Motherhood, Season: 5, Weapon:chakram - Israel
My parents used to watch the first episods on tape and i watched it with them, i was mabe 9 in 1995 and I still love Xena and i have all the episodes.

Lee Ann
Favorite - Character:XENA,  Episode:One Aganist An Army, Season:1, Weapon:chakram - USA
I actually saw The Quest first and my nephew had it on. I was against it because of a lot of negetive things I heard but then I saw 
Xena and Gabrielle and I sat down to watch it and I was hooked.

Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: Been there, Done That, Season: Season 6, Weapon: sai - USA
I just started watching it one day and got addicted.

Favorite  - Character: Xena,  Episode: One Against An Army, Season:3, Weapon: CHAKRAM - Belgium
 It's funny to see how Xena tries to be the strong woman... and sometimes fails ;-) especially when it concerns gabby :p

Edward L. Chamberlin
Favorite - Character: XENA,  Episode:The Furies, Season: 3,  Weapon: new chakram - USA
Well, I started to watch the show after superman it was on usa network then. in fact the first show I watched was The Xena Scrolls.and after watching a few 
more show I was hooked and I,m still hooked today. I really was into all those types of shows and movies like red sonja,conan...etc  Thanks for your time.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode: tuff one, Season:6, Weapon:oooooo.....another tuff one - USA
 Became one by accident....I was home from work sick, flipped thru the channels to Oxygen. I started watching, then started recording. I got 'em all!

Jeannette Gill
Favorite - Character:Xena, Episode:A Day in the Life, Season:Four, Weapon:Sword - UK
I became a fan by watching and then buying the full run of the show.

Favorite - Characters,Xena/Gabrielle, Episode,oh ehm, many...the quill is mightier,been there done that,aditl,when in rome,
india-trilogy,ides of march,fa,chakram,sucession,kindred spirits,motherhood,coming home,hoa,hod,who's g.,legacy,the ring-triology,
when fates collide,many happy returns ...i said many :-, Season: all,  Weapon: Sais and Chakram ...hmmm..wait Katana!  - Austria
Can't really remember,(guess via Hercules, but Xena's a lot better) I still love the show so much!


Favorite - Character:Gabrielle,  Episode:Many Happy Returns, Season:1,  Weapon: peace lover - USA
I was bored on a Saturday night and i must have started watching xena in the middle of the first season, there was nothing on and when I saw the channel 
I simply left it there, I found it a habbit watching it every Saturday night, cause i was bored, then when someone else wanted to watch tv during 
Xena was on I would get upset, and i realized that I was hooked, it was the Xena Scrolls I was watching and i was fighting to keep the remote just so
 I wouldn't miss it, since then i can't seem to get rid of the interest I have in this marvolous mycenian epic story.

Pat Kincaid
Favorite - Character:Xena,  Episode:One Against an Army,  Season: 2/ 6, Weapon: old chakram (I have it tattooed on my ankle)  - USA
A friend of mine got me to watch Prometheus. I've always loved mythology and that caught me right away. Of course the blue eyed one caught my attention too! 
Been to lots of conventions starting in 1997, Grease several times and am a die-hard Xenite.

Favorite - Character: Gabrielle,  Episode: uhm...too many, Season: All,  Weapon: Women's Weapon *g* hmm Sais
 From first episode (herc inklusiv) I loved the show. Since that i am a Xena Fan.

Favorite - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:When Fates Collide, Season:5, Weapon:staff - USA
My best friend was really obsessed with it and I know I had seen a few episodes when it had firt aired but she had like every episode on VHS and 
I watched When Fates Collide and i realized how much we had in common with each character and it was just so ironic because it was fate 
for me to watch that episode with her, our destiny.

Mary Alice
Favorite - Character:Xena/Gabby,  Episode:A day in the life/When Fates Collide, Season:2/ 6, Weapon:Chakram/Sais - 
Started off by watching Hercules, then became a Xena fan, just finished completing my collecion of Xena episodes - all 6 seasons.

Emily Smith
Favorite - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:Many Happy Returns, Season: 6, Weapon:Gabrielle's Katana - England
Just caught the show one day.

Favorite - Character:Xena, Episode:You are there, Season:6,  Weapon:Samurai sword - USA
 I do Jui Jitsu and kenjutsu, like to see another woman kicking butt!

I watched an episode on usa and never stopped watching. - USA

Favorite - Character: ARES!!!!, Episode: Old Ares Had a Farm and Ten LIttle Warlords,  Season: 5/ 6, Weapon: Ares' Sword of Godhood - USA
I'm a mythology buff and was a Hercules:TLJ lover from the beginning.  But I took one look at that "Big Hunk of Burnin'God Love
 wrapped in Black Leather" in "The Reckoning" and was hooked on X:WP.

Favorite - Character:Gabrielle/Xena/Ephiny, Episode:All, Season:All, Weapons:chakram,sais,staff and sword - Australia
I was 10 when it first aired and thought Xena was the most captivating woman i've ever seen, 
and wanted to be just like her, only then i realised I was more like her 

Raven Voy
Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: When Fates Collide, Season: 6, Weapon: Sai - Germany & Portugal
Someone made me watch it...

Favorite - Character:Xena, Episode:Dangerous Prey, Season:6, Weapon:Chakram - USA
 I used to watch Xena every once in a while when I was younger, but I didn't become a fan until November of 2003. 
I was home sick from school and started channel surfing, and Xena was on Oxygen, so I started to watch it then and 2 chakrams, 
1 set of Xena armor, and all 6 seasons on DVD later, I am a die-hard Xena fan!

Favorite - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:Is There a Doctor in the House?,  Season:3,  Weapon:chakram - USA
To be honest,I only watched Xena sporatically while it was on first run and couldn't really follow the story line or figure out who was who--god here, 
goddess there. All I knew was that beautiful women running around in skimpy costumes were a feast for the eyes.  And this was my main 
reason in buying all six seasons in DVD as they came out.  But when I started watching the episodes in sequence I began to care very deeply 
for the characters and finally grasped the main theme--as I see it--of the show: The education and transformation of Gabrielle.  In addition, as a fan of 'sub-text', 
I find the love affair between Xena and Gabrielle heart-breakingly beautiful.

Xena Granny
Favorite - Character: XENA/DIANA/MEG,  Episode: A DAY IN THE LIFE, Season: 1-3,  Weapon: FRYING PAN - USA

Favorite -Character: Xena, Episode: Is there a doctor in the House?, Season: 2, Weapon: chakram
Saw Xena on t.v. when I was a little kid and loved it.  Bought the season dvds and love it even more.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:Who's Gurkhan, Season:6, Weapon:Sais - USA
Since the day the first episode aired in the US, I have been hooked. Forever...

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:All, Season:All , Weapon:Chakram - Sweden
When I first so her as a sidekick in Hercules and after that I be more and more a fan for every episode of Xena.

Favorite  - Character:Xena,  Episode:Friend in Need Pt.2, Season:Season 4, Weapon:Katana - USA
When I was 8 years old, my mom and I started to watch it together. Ever since then I was addicted. 

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: Day in the Life Season:3, Weapon: Staff - USA
 My mom started watching on the Oxygen Channel so I decided to check it. I order Season 1 from NetFlix and I am not so addicted.

Favorite - Character:Xena, Episode:One Against an Army, Season:3,  Weapon:sword - USA
I was watching a Xena/Herc Marathon on Thanksgiving Day as a refuge from all the football games. I had never watched Xena before, 
but when I saw "Is There a Doctor in the House"...especially the Gabrielle CPR scene...I was hooked. And I still am. I made an audio 
tape from the soundtracks for my car and it is the only thing I listen to as I drive because the music reminds me 
of the different episodes. Obsessed?  You bet I am!

Peggy Laws
Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode:The Bitter Suite, Season: 6, Weapon:chakram - USA
I was hooked from the first episode, from the very frist opening with that wonderful music and from the very frist look of those blue eyes and kick ass attitude.

Jenni Lawles
Favorite  - Character:Xena,  Episode:all, Season:6, Weapon:chakram - Germany
I love xena and gabrielle

Camahta Dore
Favorite - Character: Xena/ Gabrielle ,  Episode: In Sickness and in Hell/Altered States,  Season: 3, Weapon:Staff - USA
 Im not really sure...I saw one episode one day (I think it was altered states) and became hopelessly addicted fortunatly theres no cure :D

Favorite  - Character: Xena /Gabrielle/Autolycus, Episode:"One Against an Army, Season:3, Weapon:Greek fire - USA
My X-wife was a fan and I became one through osmossis, and overtook her zeal for the show several years ago and have successfully 
forsaken all my friends for my devotion to the show.

Dawn Tarr
Favorite - Character:XENA,  Episode:All, Season:All, Weapon: peace lover - USA

Lee Ann Egelston
Favorite  - Character:Xena and Gabrielle,  Episode:Heart of Darkness, Season:6, Weapon:Original Chakram - USA
Well, one day in 1996, I was flipping thru channels on cable and came across and tall, dark haired woman kicking some major butt in an 
episode that I came find out later was Destiny.  I finished that episode glued to the tv and ever since I have been addicted.  My friends say
 obsessed. Anyways, I am still highly addicted I own all 6 seasons on DVD, own many items of merchandise, even my comp desktop is all Xena...
with hope one day I will make it to a convention..but til then I will get my fix in another way..LOL...hoping that someone will see this and finally 
make a Xena movie so we all can see our favorite heroines in action on the big screen!!

Collins Hopeau
Favorite  - Character: Xena,  Episode: Sins of the Past, Season:dont know,  Weapon:sai - USA

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:Eve, Season:5, Weapon:Chakram - USA
I just saw the first episode when it first started to air and i loved it from the beginning.

Nicole Stroumbos
Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: A Day in the Life/Antony & Cleopatra/The Debt(s)/Heart of Darkness, Season:2 & 6, Weapon:Katana - USA
I've been a xena fan ever since the beginning, i was instantly intrigued with Lucy & to this day remain religiously obcessed with her. 

Favorite  -  Character :xena,  Episode:when fates collide, Season:3, Weapon: peace lover -  UK

Annie Fayzdaughter
Favorite  - Character:X & G, Episode:All,  Season:3, Weapon:chakram - Australia
Well 1 look @ the 2 stunners strong, wilfull, sensitive & able to communicate honestly & love unconditionally & I was hooked!!!!!!!! 

Gwendoline Vasquez
I started watching the show and found it to be awesome - USA

Sally Park
Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire, Season: 3, Weapon: Chakram - USA
 I started following the series when I was about seven-years-old and I started watching it because I was flipping through the channels one day.  
I've been a fan ever since and it's been ten years since then.

Christine Gosseline
Favorite - Character: Xena/Gabrielle/Ares, Episode: Eve, Season: 5,  Weapon: chakram - Canada
 I became a Xena fan when I see Lucy's eyes and her acting but before I watch episode of Hercules that I love also.

Bjorn Axel
Favorite  - Character:Xena /Gabrielle, Episode:all, Season:all, Weapon: chakram/sais - Sweden
Got hooked by it when they started airing it in my country some five six years ago, or maybe that was seven years ago. can't really remember when 
they started to air it. but it was quickly mmy favorite show. that was before they started aring Buffy got hooked by that as well and don't forget Angel 
as well and dark angel. but i must say that Xena, Buffy and Angel are my favorite shows.

 Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: All, Season: All,  Weapon: Chakram - USA
I watched the first episode on TV and was instantly hooked.  When I didn't have cable, every Sunday
 I'd run aluminum foil out the window just to get reception for the show.

Karina Parra
Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: Purity, Season:4, Weapon: peace lover - Venezuela

Michael Dobler
Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode: Is there a Doctor in the House, Who is Gurkhan, Season: 6,  Weapon:Sais, Samauri sword - USA
 I ended up catching parts of several episodes back in 97' but never really got into it. Then in 2004 i happened to see the Season One Box set on the shelf. 
I bought it and was instantly hooked on the series.  The remaining sets came in rapid succession after that (much to the consternation of my wife :-))
  Since then, I've browsed through all six seasons numerous times and have even published several of my own XWP stories on FanFiction.net.

Wendy Rooker
Favorite -  Character:XENA, Episode:ALL ,  Season: ALL,   Weapon:CHAKRAM - USA
My sister started watching it so i would watch bits and peices of it, then i got *HoOkEd*

Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: The Bitter Suite, Season: Season 6,  Weapon: Chakram - USA
When I was little, I had watched the show on and off. My brother watched Hercules so I got into that sort of television. When Xena came on 

I was amazed by it, it was so cool that a girl was fighting and didn't take crap from anyone. But It wasn't till much later that I really got into it, sadly 
it was after the show had ended. I bought all the DVD's and the newest 10th Anniversary. Xena has come to be my favorite show, the friendship, love, respect, and just plain fighting that this show presents is beyond any that I have seen before.

Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: A Necessary Evil,  Season: 2, Weapon: a short sword from the amazons - France
Playing LARP for several years, it was a series where emotion and fight went so good together... could never stop lovin' it...

Favorite  - Character:Gabriell/Xena, Episode:All, Season:All, Weapon:Gabs sais - England
Saw sins of the past on tv then I didnt know when it was on again so I lost it for a few years then I thought I
used to love that show, I know I'll buy all the box sets so i can see the whole show and i was hooked ever since.

Favorite - Character:Gabrielle,  Episode:Is There a Doctor In The House?/Lyre, Lyre Hearts on Fire,  Season:5,  Weapon:Staff - USA
Watched her on Hercules and she reminded me of MY best friend, so I was hooked. I can relate to Gabrielle myself.

Favorite - Characters: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode: One Against An Army, Season: 3,  Weapon: Chakram - Belgium
Don't know how I became one, but I'm sure glad to be one ! :)

Favorite - Character:Xena/Gabby/Ares,  Episode:Coming Home, The Bitter Suite, Season: all.  Weapon:chakram - USA
Flipping througt the channels

Favorite  - Character: Aphrodite/Gabby/Callisto, Episode: Succession, Season:3, Weapon: Light Chakram
I was about the age 9 or 10 and saw Xena on Hercules, and got hooked after seeing her through the Gauntlet.  
Gabrielle also caught my attention with her favorite hobby; talking.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle/ Ares, Episode:Old Ares Had a Farm, Season:6, Weapon:Chakram  - USA
I saw it on tv while it was still on the air, and instantly fell in love with seeing someone finally kicking bad guy butt.

Favorite  - Character: Xena/Gabrielle/ Callisto Episode:  Return of the Valkrie Trilogy, Season: 4.  Weapon: Xena's chakram and sword - USA
 I started watching Xena kind of on accident.  I was abour 15 or 16 and cought a gilmps of one of the fitst Xena and Callisto episodes and I was hooked.  
Now I 28 and own the entire 6 seasons on DVD.  I would rush to the store as soon as they came out.  Now my kids love to watch Xena with me. My wife thinks I'm nuts.

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode:A Friend in Need, Season:4, Weapon:sword - Greece
I saw it on TV and loved it.

Mary Ramirez
Favorite  - Character:GABRIELLE XENA, Episode:ALL, Season:6, Weapon:THEIR BOND - USA

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Ares, Gabby, Episode: The Quill is Mighter, Coming Home, Season: 3, 5, 6,  Weapon: chakram - Estonia
It was on year 1998 when I was 7 yeas old, my friend told me about this show.

Favorite  - Character:  Xena,  Episode:  A Day In The Life,  Season: 2,  Weapon: Sword - USA
By accident, when I visited a friend, and she was watching it.

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:the Rheingold, Season:3, Weapon: sword - Estonia
It happened from the first episode, it was AMAZING

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle,  Episode:One Against an Army,  Season:3rd,  Weapon:staff - USA
I became a Xena fan in fourth grade.  I am an army brat, and I was forced to move all over the country. I found a lot of comfort curling 
up to a nice Xena episode. 
Favorite  - Character:Xena & Gabrielle,  Episode:all, Season:all, Weapon:Chalkram
The first time I saw Xena,thats all it took

Keidra Scott
Favorite - Character:Xena, Episode:all of them, Season:4, Weapon: Peace Lover  - USA

Marie Rodriguez
Favorite -  Character:Both Xena/Gabby, Episode:The Bitter Suite The Xena Scrolls, Season:3  Weapon: All and then some - Peurto Rico
I used to watch wonder woman before xena, always thought that women could be as strong as men are, i used to watch herc where 
i first saw her i was 9yrs, and right after the XWP start i became addicted to it,i'm into martial arts since season one right now i'm a black belt 
and i think Xena encourage me to be a martial artist i'm 19 right now and i just wish to see Lucy some day she's my role model since i was a kid.

Favorite - Character: Gabrielle,  Episode: When Fates Collide, Season: 3, Weapon: Sais - Germany

Edina Barath
Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:The Empty Throne,  Season:6, Weapon: chakram - Szazhalombatta

Favorite - Character:Xena, Episode:Sins of the Past, Season:1, Weapon: peace lover - USA

Favorite -  Character: Borias,/Caesar/ Ares, Episode: all, Season: 3, Weapon: Staff - USA
My little cousin was watching Hercules, and afterwards Xena would come on, and since i was at the house
 every saturday night, i just started watching it, and then.....lol

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle/Callisto/Xena, Episode:Heart of Darkness,  Season:6, Weapon:sais - USA
I've only recently became a fan of the show.  I got the DVD's as a gift from a friend, a huge fan of the show.

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:When in Rome,  Season:3  Weapon:chakram - USA
The first episode oh her appearance in the first 'Hercules trilogy' i thought she had that special something...and i wasn't wrong!!!

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode:Blind Faith, Royal Couple of Thieves,  Season: 1,4, Weapon: Old Chakram - USA 
I first saw Lucy in the Hercules movie "The Amazon Women" and like Rob immediately fell in love with the dark hair, hypnotic blue eyes 
and the leather!  Followed Hercules and watched every episode with Lucy and then the Xena trilogy and was totally hooked!

Janetrice Roberts
Favorite - Character:Xena,  Episode:Mortal Beloved, Season:1, Weapon:Chakram - USA
I started watching that since I was ten and I couldn't stop. Oh yeah I almost forgot I think Xena & Gabrielle are like sisters. 
Because they fight like sisters and they play pranks on each other.

Manisha Chummun
Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle/Xena, pisode:a friend in need, Season:6, Weapon:sword - MauritiusT
There was nothing to watch on tv so i decided to watch serial that i did not know and i became addicted.

Favorite  - Characters:Xena/Gabrielle/Joxer/Argo, Episode:Many happy returns, Season:6, Weapon: Chakram/sais/staff - England
I was looking for Farscape music videos when i acme across a xena one, i had heard that it was popular so 
decieded to give it a go. And i love it, i know have all the seasons on DVD.

Kathryn Macaulay
Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: All, Season: All, Weapon:charkham - Australia
I became axena fan because i strated to bye all the episodes of xena rightp to six on dvd and i just love the show so much and always will.

Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode:Paradise Found,  Season:4,  Weapon: Katana - Canada

 Usually had very little time for T.V. with my 3 sons but when I waspregnant with my daughter I watched it every morning.
She is 4 now and just today was running around singing her version of "Joxer the mighty". There are a few episodes I let her watch. 
P.S. If you do the warrior cry first thing when you wake up in the morning, it gets the whole house moving and actually wakes you up good.

Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: When fates collide, Season: 6, Weapon: Chakram - Germany
Used to watch it with my father from time to time (when it was all new.) Some years later I rediscovered it and realized "Wow, what a great show". ;) 

Glenn Bourgeois
Favorite  - Character:Xena/Callisto,  Episode:One against an Army, Season:1-6,  Weapon:Pinch - Japan
The first time I remember seeing Xena, was on Hercules, and she went through the passage of death, gave me chills, I was hooked

Natalie Chub
Favorite  - Character: All , Episode: It changes weekly/daily, Favorite Season:6,  Weapon: Sword/Sai - Canada
 Ran across it surfing back in Grade School and watched until the bitter end, and now I own the Seasons and watch them over and over. ;)

Favorite Charaters:Xena and Ares, Episodes: Eternal Bonds, Coming Home, and Looking Death In the EyeSeasons:5/6, Weapon: Chakram - USA
I've been a fan since the begining. Watched the first episode and I was hooked. Even when it wasn't on and when they stopped showing reruns, 
it has always been in my mind. XENA WILL ALWAYS LIVE!....I need help....

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: Who's Gurkhan?, Season: 3rd,  Weapon: sais - USA
I started watching Xena mid way during the 3rd season. Then, I went off to college and I missed the whole 6th season. 
About 5 months ago, I saw the DVD sets of the whole series and I bought them all. Can't get enough now!

Favorite - haracter:xena, Episode:Ides of march ,Season:all, Weapon:chakram
 Well i set  down  with a  friend and  fell completly in love with her ive watched her  for 7 years and stell watch her. Ive also met her.

Lexia Blade
Favorite  - Character:Ares,  Episode:The Furies, Season:3, Weapon:Breast Dagger - USA
I have always been a feminest and one day after i got done w/my school i turned on the tv and and it was just coming on i saw her!... 
on a horse my fav animal and ever since then i've dreamed of meeting her!!!

Nicole Bush
Favorite Character:Gabrielle, Episode:One Against an Army, Season:3, Weapon:chakram - Beaufort

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:Fallen Angel, Season:4, Weapon:Chakram - USA 
 Bored one Saturday night...little by little each weekend i found myself watching this show, until it became a habit. I finally realized that i 
was watching it for 6 years....then it hit me.  I couldnt stop ever since even after the show it seems to haunt me. (in a good way of course)

Favorite - Character:Xena,  Episode:A Day in the Life, Season: 3, Weapon: chakram - Barbados
 Watched and fell in love with the show when i was a teenager and am currently watching the reruns on Oxygen channel.

Favorite  - Character:Xena/Eve/Alti,  Episode: All except "Lifeblood" and "Married With Fishsticks", Season: 4,  Weapon:Chakram - UK
Saw "Sins Of The Past whilst casually viewing and have been hooked ever since. She has taught me so much.

Tiffany Marshall
Favorite - Character Xena/Gabrielle, Episode:all,  Season:all,  Weapon:both ladies - USA
They were something i was looking for something not weak.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:The Key to the Kingdom, Season: 2, Weapon:Sai - Australia
My best friend and i started watching it together when it first came on tv, we were hooked, books, dvd's, calendars, even trading cards.

Favorite  - Character:Xena/Gabby,  Episode:The Bittersuite,  Season:5, Weapon: peace lover - USA
:I have eyes and the ladys are beautiful ...

Favorite - Character:Gabby, Episode:When fates collide, Season:2, Weapon: peace lover - Urguay
Saw it and loved it. Actually, where I live they aired only seasons1,2 and 3 then sudently just stopped, that was like four or five years ago, so
 I didn't pay much atention to it until now. Don't know how it happened but I'm hooked again!!! Kind of late but who cares, better late than never;)

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle,  Episode:When the Fates Collide,  Season:3rd,  Weapon:Staff - USA
 I never liked the show when I was younger then growing up it is all I watch.  I love the friendship and love the two charaters show.  
It all started me summer of senior year.  I just could not stop.  And have not stopped since then.  I am now  a in my 2rd year of College!

Lu Dash
Favorite  - Character:Gabby, Episode:A day in the life, Season: 5, Weapon: Peace Lover - UK

Favorite  - Characters:Xena/Gabrielle/Callisto, Episode:been there done that/when fates collide/fallen angel/a day in the life
 Season:all,  Weapon:sais/swords - USA
I can't exactly remember the very first episode i watched, but i remember Hooves and Harlots was one of the very first I saw. 
The more I watched it the more addicted I became. But I stopped watching the show. That was 9 years ago. About 5 months ago I caught the 
very last episode on tv. And now I'm addicted again. I bought the series and watch it almost everyday. I hope they make a xena movie.

Favorite  - Character:Xena,  Episode:Ides of March, Season:all, Weapon:chakram - USA
A friend was watching the show and said, you should watch it, I think you'll like it...because is about Greece and warriors so since that day....like seven years ago.
Now I bought all the entire DVD collection and I still watch it every day...at least one episode. I love it!

Klm Rosell
Favorite  - Character:Xena & Gabrielle, Episode: When Fates  Collide - Season: 3, Weapon:Chakram - USA 
I  watched Herc and  saw  The Ep with Xena and was  hooked  from  there on.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode: Chakram, Season: 5,  Weapon:Sais - The Philippines
I watched it growing up!!!!!!

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Ares, Episode:Ten little Warlords; Chakram;  Amphipolis Under Siege; Motherhood; Coming Home
 Season:5, Weapon:chakram - Poland
My best friend was a big fan of Hercules, I recorded it for her sometimes, when she was at work. And suddenly Xena appeared!!! 
It was a magic moment and since then I'm a big Xena fan!!!

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: Heart of Darkness, Season: Too hard!,  Weapon: Chakram - UK
Watched it when I was younger, thought I loved it then, but not as much as I do now.  Totally changed my outlook on life and given me a healthy 
self-confidence in dealing with people and being my own person.

Favorite  - Character: All, Episode:Coming Home,  Season: 5, Weapon:chakram - UK
I became a fan at the age of 12 stated buying the official mag, absolutely loved the show. still do.

Favorite  - Character: Xena and Gabrielle, Episode: A Day In the Life, Season: 3, Weapon: Chakram - UK
I saw the episode Quest and was completely blown away and figured I had to start watching this awesome show! :)

Suzy C
Favorite  - Character:Xena,  Episode:Old Ares had a Farm, Season: 4,  Weapon: sword - USA
I became a xena fan when I first saw the show when I was only eight years old.  I have became a much bigger fan now that I am 18 for some reason. :)

Favorite - Character:XENA, Episode:WHEN IN ROME, Season:3,  Weapon:CHAKRAM - USA
The first time i saw lucy in Hercules i fell in love with her blazing blue eyes and tall fisique. Then when they put the leather and boots on her...WWWOOOOOWWW!!!

Favorite - Character:gabrielle,  Episode:a friend in need, Season:5, Weapon:fists - USA
I  watched the first episode and loved it.

Favorite  - Character: Hades, Episode: Callisto,  Season:1,  Weapon: Chakram - Polaand
I was huge fan of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Then in some episode Hena appeared. I was like a - bum! 
When they realesed Xena series in Poland, I knew I will be as huge fan of Xena as of Hercules.

Favorite - Character: Callisto/ Livia,  Episode: Livia,  Season: 5,  Weapon: Baby's sais - USA
 I saw the show, and I loved it.

Favorite  - Character: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode: all, Season: all, Weapon: Xena's Many Skills - USA
  A phone call from my best friend gushing over seeing this tall, dark haired, blue eyed "goddess" on Hercules led me to watch "Warrior Princess" 
to see what she was going on about.   One look at those baby blues, and I was hooked.  And I still am to this day. 

Mustia Prada
Favorite  - Character: Callisto, Argos, Autolycus, Tobias, Horace, Borias, Episode: Punch Lines, A day in the Life, The Dity half dozen, The xena's scrolls, A family affair, Been there done that, A fistful of Dinard, vanishing Act,  Season: 3, Weapon: Katana & Staff - USA
 For my sister.... Xenaholic #333 :)

Joke Kerkhof
Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle,  Episode: ITADITH and OAAA, Season: all,  Weapon: quill - Netherlands
 I found something in the series that hooked me and till this day I can not put my finger on it.

Christal Warrior Wannabe
Favorite  - Character:Xena,Callisto, Joxer, Gabrielle,Auto, Ephiny, Episodes, The Ides of March; The Scroll is Mightier...;Been There, Done That; A Family Affair,
Season: season 3, Weapon:Shamrock ;) sais, and fire (Xena's deadly breath) - USA
 Well when I was about 13 I had a friend who sort of watched it and I had seen a bit of it once before I think. It quickly got my attention and 
I started to watch it often during season three (that's why that season is my favorite). I was hooked for life and beyond. The only time I stopped 
for a while was during season five. Since then I love Xena more and more every time I watch. 

Favorite - Character: Xena,  Episode: When Fates Collide, Season: 3,4,6, Weapon: Chakram - Spain
When i was a child i see Xena on TV and i liked it.

Debra Ashby
Favorite Character:XENA,  Episode: All, Season:All, ,  Weapon:Chakram - USA

Eris Phobos
Favorite  - Character: Ares,  Episode: All,  Season: All, Weapon: Peace lover - Germany
I was introduced to Xena by a guy named Corey, we actually watched Xena and Hercules a lot when we were younger. 
Now I'm married and live in Germany and I get to watch reruns in German =)

Favorite Character:Callisto/Gabrielle, Episode: Callisto 1&2,  Is there a Doctor In The House,  Season:ALL, Weapon: chakram - USA
I became a Xena fan when I was six years old when they first came out. My mom introduced them to me.

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: One Against An Army,  Season: 3, Weapon: Chakram
 Empowerment is addicting. Xena gave me incredible self-confidence when I was a budding teenager, and years later, I still love the show 
as much - if not more! :)

D'Anna Lewis
Favorite  - Character:Xena,  Episode:Heart of Darkness,  Season:6,  Weapon:sword - Germany
I saw it in the TV and love it in the first moment and so I become a Xena fan. 

Favorite - Character: Xena/Gabrielle/Joxer, Episode:When Fates collides, The Ring Trilogy, Season:All,  Weapon: Chakram/Sword - Germany
 I watched Xena on German TV and my friend brought the DVD Collection of all Seasons from US. I was impressed and FIN makes me very sad.

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: Many Happy returns/Heart of darkness,  Season: All, Weapon: Sword-Sais-Chakram - USA
Hook from the very first show. Never missed an episode. Still continue to watch on TV. Plus own seasons 1-6. I loved the close friendship they shared 
and how much they truly cared for each other. I think Renee and Lucy are both very talented actresses. Would have loved to see a Xena Movie

Favorite - Character: Callisto,  Episode: A Necessary Evil, Season: Season 2,  Weapon: old fashioned -- swords - USA
I found Xena through Hercules and it was love at first sight, no doubt.

Senaida Sanchez
Favorite  - Character: XENA/GABBY, Episode:ALL, Season:5,  Weapon:CHAKRAM - USA

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:Ides of March, Season:3,  Weapon:chakram - Mexico
When I was 14 years old (now I have 16)I saw for 1st time Xena and Ijust love it and since then i'm a fan of the series. 

Favorite  - Character: Xena,  Episode: One against an army,  Season:3, Weapon: Chakram - Germany
I watched the episode "The price" and I began to watch the serie every week an recorded every episode. What followed is history. ;-)

Kerry Borland
Favorite  - Character: Xena,Episode:One Against an Army, Season: All,  Weapon: Chakram - Northern Ireland
 Thanks 2 my Dad!!

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: Girls just wanna have fun, Season: 2 ,Weapon: chakram - Mexeco
Because of the story, and all the content between the lines ;)

Favorite  - Character:Xena & Gabrielle, Episode: Is therea Doc in the House? or Bitter Suite, Season:3, Weapon:old chakram & the staff - USA
:My brother watched herc, he saw lucy on it once really liked her, after his death it was a very low time, flipping threw the channels came across xena season 2, 
inda liked it remembered lucy, didn't watch again till season three, during the rift period, saw bitter suite, call it what you want but it filled a dark void in my life, 
have been a fan ever since and always will be.

Austria's Xena
Favorite -  Character: Xena, Episode: ALL, Season:  ALL,  Weapon: Chakram - Austria
When the first episodes where on Tv my childs called me : " Mami, look - this is you on TV !"
So I began watching and felt really familiar with Xena - didn't take long time as I am actress and work with horses that I created my own 
Xena-Live-Show :)

Favorite  - Character: :xena/gabrielle/anemarise, Episode:lyer lyer hearts on fire,Season:all, Weapon:sais - Australia
I started watching xena when i was 5 and now i am 16 and have all the DVDs love them. 

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle,  Episode:A day in the Life, Season:2, Weapon:Staff - Wales
Channel surfing and coming across an episode from the 2nd season(Giant Killer)and thinking WOW..never seen anything like this before...
Hooked ever since.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:all, Season:4&5,  Weapon: peace lover - United Kingdom

Favorite  - Character:Gabrialle/Xena,Aphrodite, Episode:all, Season:all, Weapon - peace lover  - USA

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:The Xena Scrolls,Season: 1,  Weapon: An icy stare - Northern Ireland 
 It's simple realli I was an impressinable geeky 8year old, with dark looks and no role model. I liked the "Legendary adeventures of Hurcules" 
and then saw a series about a woman was comming, being the mini feminist I was I watched and got hooked. Now I am 18, less impressinible, 
just as geeky and with even darker looks but now I have the advantage of being a xena fan:D 

Breezy Swift
Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:in sickness and in hell,  Season:2, Weapon:chackram - USA
I saw a few episodes and then loved it

Seb Peel
Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle/Callisto, Episode: Bitter Suite, Season: 3, Weapon: Staff - England
I saw some epsiodes when they were on channel 5, but I didn't really become a fan until I saw the episodes on Bravo earlier this year 
(starting with 'Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis).  I've seen surprisingly few episodes so far (something I'm rectifying every day) but I love 
everything about the show, especially the themes explored throughout (which I believe can have a positive impact on our lives),

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle,  Episode: One Against an Army/Family Affair/A Day in the Life,  Season:3,  Weapon: staff - USA
A friend of mine is a big fan and kept telling me that I really needed to check out the show because it was awesome. 
She ended up lending me her 10th Anniversary collection to watch, and I became an instant fan.

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Ares, Episode: The Quill is Mightier, Been There Done That, Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire, In Sickness and In Hell,
Season: 2, 3, Weapon: Original Chakram - USA
Stopped on an episode while channel surfacing and kept having to come back to see what happened next. I have always been a firm believer in Womens Lib, 
ever since I was 5 years old and jumping on my uncle's chest yelling "Women can do anything they want to no matter what you say". 
Of course you know my uncle would contradict it just to get me going.

Jacqueline Abbott
Favorite  - Character:Xena,  Episode:Old Ares had a Farm or Friend in Need Part 11 , Season:2, Weapon:Chakram - Northern Ireland
I just love the show. I didn't watch it originally but then I got Satellite TV and they were showing old episodes on the Bravo channeland I 
got hooked!I have been buying up all the seasons on Video and DVD. I nearly have them all now!I like to see strong female characters. 
But the friendship between Xena and Gabrielle is the best ingredient to the show. 

Favorite Character:Gabrielle, Episode:When Fates Collide, Season:4,  Weapon:Sais
My brother was Xena crazed  and I watched it once with him then I was hooked.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle,  Episode:all, Season:4-5, Weapon:sais - USA
Flipping thriugh the channels and i saw xena and gabrielle.

Favorite Character:xena, Episode:bitter suite/a day in the life, Season:6, Weapon:sais - Italy
I've been obsessed with xena since I saw sins of past in italy.

Favorite - Character: Callisto, Episode: Anything with Callisto, Season: 2,  Weapon: Chakram, Staff, and Callisto's sword - USA
Honestly I think it was just from seeing the show when I was younger, and just sticking with it all these years. lol!

Fernanda Witter
Favorite -  Character: Gabrielle,  Episode: A Friend in Need,  Season: 6, Weapon: chakhram - Brazil
 I started watching because i had nothing better to do and when i realized it was too late, i was addicted :D lol

Favorite - Character:Xena, Episode:i like allmost every episode, Season:5,  Weapon:Chakram - Austria
I watched it sometimes and then frequently...yeah that's all and now i love it and it makes my life a lot easier and better.

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:Sure...like I could name the stars in the sky?!?, Season:3...4...?,  Weapon: chakram - USA
Channel-surfing, was captivated by this tall, dark, ass-kicking female...the rest is Xenistory.

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