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Favorite  - Character:xena, Episode:1, Season:1, Weapon:chakram - USA 
Ever since i saw the show i always watched to the last season and episode.

Favorite  - Character:xena, Episode:One against an army, Season:3, Weapon: peace lover - USA

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Janice Covington, Episode: all, Season: 2,3,4,6, Weapon: Staff/ Sais - Australia
I was 6 years old and watched an episode. Loved it and spend the next few years wondering around the playground with sticks taller than my head. Became reobessed with it Spring of last year.

Favorite - Character: Callisto, Episode: A Necessary Evil, Season: 2, Weapon: Chakram - Poland
 It all began I ghuess in 1996, when Hercules was on the air. I fell in love with Hercules (I was a child, forgive me) 
and still love the show. But when Xena appeared, I knew it will be something bigger. I am Xenite with a big something. 
And with Callisto costume somewhere in the closet.

Sara Santos Vasconsello Julien

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle,Episode: One Against an Army,Season: 3,6,Weapon: staff - USA
 Recently tuned into a Xena marathon and got hooked.  Bought all six seasons on DVD and have watched them multiple times.

Hana Zindenberg
Favorite  - Character: JOXER,Episode: Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire,Season:all,Weapon: staff! - USA
Back in high school, when WB played Xena re-runs into the wee hours! A good 10+ years back!

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: One against An Army and The Greater Good, Season: 6, Weapon: Chakram - USA
hmmm.. While the show was on I watched it very seldomly, but later on I started catching every episode until the end :(
After that I never really thought about Xena until the series came to DVD- bought them all- and here I am today.

Favorite Character: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode:  Lyre, Lyre Hearts on Fire or In Sickness and In Hell 
Favorite Season: All,  Weapon: Chakram (shamrock, round killing thing!! haha!) - USA
 Well I was little when I first got into Xena. I loved the show and always tried to do Xena's battle cry! haha. 
Then they took it off the air and I always was looking for it, and one day I was surfing the channels and found it again! 
Well i think i just fell in love with how good Lucy and Renee are at acting.

Lucy Lawful
Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: the Xena ones, Season:all - Weapon: peace lover - New Zealand
I became a fan because of lucy lawless.

Favorite  - Character: Xena/Callisto,  Episode: Return of Callisto, Season: 2, Weapon: Sword - Poland
Well, I started watching Hercules from the first episode (well, from the first movie but it's not important). I was watching 
Hercules and watching...I didn't even noticed Xena. But I had some episodes on VHS (becouse I was a fan of Herc and his
 friend Iolaus). I was: Xena...interesting person, I think the best episode in first series is "Warrior Princess". I didn't even 
know they will release single Xena series. But I was a fan of Warrior Princess and was too happy when they decided to put 
Xena on the screens.But Iolaus still rules. ;)

Katie Jones
Favourite -  Character: Xena/Hope,  Episode: all,  Season: 3/4, Weapon: The Dark Chakram - England
A brief summary on how you became a Xena Fan: I can't remember exactly what episode I first watched or anything but I remember seeing the ad on channel five (I was 7! haha) & have loved it ever since. I'm just mad about it and own every episode. 

Favorite  - Character:xena/callisto, Episode:destiny, Season:3, Weapon:chakram - USA 
A brief summary on how you became a Xena Fan:i watched it whn i was a lil kid cause my sister got me hooked on 
it now i watch an episode a night cause i have all the seasons on dvd

Favorite  - Character:iolaus, Episode:all, Season:all, Weapon:peace lover - Italy

Marthese Montebello
Favorite  - Character:xena, Episode:is there a doctor in the house, Season:6, Weapon:chakram - Australia
I became a fan since i saw the first xena episode and still am and always will be.

Favorite  - Character: Alti, Episode: A Necessary Evil/Adventure in the Sin Trade, 
Season: 1, 2, Weapon: sword, chakram - Poland
 I think it all happened when I was watching the "Warrior Princess" episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. I noticed that Xena is important part of Hercules life and - being a child - I was even envy becouse of her. But I knew these episodes are very good and will always be remembered. Then the Xena: Warrior Princess came up. Of course she bacame part of my life. And even if now I prefer Lord of the Rings than Xena, the show will always be my favourite. Even now, when it is finished (or maybe not?)

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: When Fates Collide, Season: 6 (except the last one) :0(,  Weapon: Chakram UK
 My brother was watching it and said I should watch as I like Greek mythology and was hooked.

Favorite  - Character: Hades,  Episode: Death in Chains,  Season: 1,  Weapon: sword - Poland
 I am Xenaholic for about 10 years. It was Hercules -> Xena -> HFS (Histerical Fanatical Shego).

Sina Great
Favorite  - Character:Xena/Gabby,  Episode:Sins of the Past, Season: 3,4,  Weapon: chakram - Germany
 I saw the sexy charakters...

Favorite  - Character:Xena/Callisto, Episode:Callisto,  Season:All, Weapon:Both Chakrams - USA
I became a Xena fan when I first saw the Callisto episode...I have been hooked ever since!

Favorite  - Character: Xena and Gabby, Episode: In sickness and in hell, Season: 6,  Weapon: Chakram - Scotland
When i was seven years old i saw the summary and tuned in.I have been hooked ever since.

Marcela Mello
I love thee....Xena and Gabriely.I want to know you. - Brazil

Favorite  - Character: Xena/Autolycus, Episode:The Furis, Season: 3 & 6, Weapon: Chakram - Belgium
Greek Mythology! masterwork!!

Favorite Character: Callisto, Velasca, Hades, Episode: Mortal Beloved, The Quill is Mightier,
Season: 1, Weapon: sword, chakram - PolandAs many people, I started with Hercules. I can say with honesty I still love this show and one of my favourite episodes are from Hercules (not mention movies! they are great!). I didn't noticed Xena in Hercules. 
But I noticed her in her own show and I am fan since now! :)

Favorite Character:Xena , Episode:Been there, Done that,  Season:3, Weapon:Chakram - USA
I saw Xena when I was a younger and she became my idol and when my dad's gf died who I was vey close to. 
I would watch Xena when I felt sad and it would make me feel better and gave me a new look at death.

Favorite Character: Gabrielle, Episode: Between the Lines, Season: 4, Weapon: The New Chakram - Venezuela
Long time ago, can't remember.

Favorite  - Character:  Xena, Gabby/Ephiny, Episode: All , Season: All, Weapon:   sword - Germany
  A friend turned me on to her .

Favorite  - Character: xena, Episode: girls just wanna have fun, Season: First,  Weapon: peace lover - Italy

Favorite Character: XENA, , Episode:Girls just wanna have fun, Season:1st, Weapon: original chakram - Hungry
I watched the show at age of 7 then it stopped and i became really envolved at the age of 14. I got really 
wrapped up in it especially in the subtext part.

Favorite  - Character: Callisto, Episode: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Amphipolis Under Siege, 
Season: 1,  Weapon: chakram - Poland
I was very young and I remember almost nothing from the first watching. But I remember one thing - I was stunned. So great characters, mythology, Greece and other ancient countries. How it would be possible to not become a huge fan to the death?

Favorite  - Character: Janice Covington, Callisto, Episode: The Xena Scrolls, Callisto, Season: 1, Weapon: sword - Poland
 Since first episode I knew I will be great fan of this warrior princess show. These characters...well, I am mainly fan of Calli and Gabby but I can say that all characters attracted me very strong.

Sierra Tolomo
Favorite  - Character:ALL!, Episode:ALL, Season:ALL, Weapon:Sias, Chakram, Sword, Staff - USA
At first I liked Lara Croft better than Xena. But then My friend Britt got me into her so I got all the XENA Seasons 
on DVD  and I have watched all of them a gazillion times I LOVE XENA!!!!!!

Alexander Sharkov
Favorite Season: 6 - Latvia

Favorite  - Character: Xena,  Episode:a tale of two muses, Season:2-4, Weapon:sword - USA
my dad got me into it about 8 years ago.

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: In Sickness and In Hell, Season:Five, Weapon: Sais - USA
I used to watch it occasionally when it was first on the air. But then, when it came out on DVD...I had to have them all. 

Martha Nettles
Favorite  - Episode:A Day In The Life,  Season:All,  Weapon:Chakram - USA
I been a Xena Fan since I watch ever Xena episode. She was awesome on the first seasons that came on. 
I fell in love with Xena. Gabrielle one tough bard.

Thainara De moura Gasparino
Favorite -  Character:Xena/Gabrielle, Episode:Maternal Instincts, Season:2,  Weapon: peace lover
From the moment Xena appeared on Hercules, we fell in love with her and her mighty warrior power. 
She represents everything that a warrior goddess was in mythological times.

Favorite Character:Xena/Gabrielle, Episode:Maternal Instincts, Season:2,  Weapon:staff - Australia/France
From the moment Xena appeared on Hercules, we fell in love with her and her mighty warrior power. 
She represents everything that a warrior goddess was in mythological times.

Favorite Character: xena!!!,Episode: all!!, Season: 4, Weapon: chakram! - Australia
I used 2 watch it years ago with my mum, and I asked here 2 buy me some of the seasons for my 18th so she did.
 Since then iv been soo addicted coz xena and gabi are just sooo beautiful!!!! they make a great couple. I really 
love how the show just is, and can be wat it wants without people criticising it coz obviously xena and gabi have it goin 
on and it encourages you not to be afraid of wat others think coz its not really important :) 

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:Day in the life, Season:2, Weapon:Chakram - USA
I was flipping throw the channels and i stop when i saw the opening.

Congo Savanne
Favorite  - Character: Callisto. Episode: all Callisto episodes, Season: 2, Weapon: sword - Poland
As usually: Hercules, then Xena and then - bum! Maybe I am not so emotionally devoted to Xena but I like 
this show very much and I love making Xena related graphics.

Brach Jennings
Favorite Character: Xena, Episode: "A Day In The Life," "Old Ares Had A Farm," "Kindred Spirits"
Season: 6, Weapon: Chakram -USA
 I saw the episode "The Price" aired on USA on April 6, 1999, and became hooked ever since.

Barbara Bruno
Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: Fallen Angel,  Season: 5, Weapon:New Chackram - Italy
In summer 2004 I started watching Xena from the Return of Callisto and I loved, I am a fan since then.

Allie Ren
Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: A Friend in Need part 2, Season: 3, Weapon: sais - USA
my brother was watching one day and told me to come check it out...i've been hooked ever since.

Favorite Character: Xena, Episode: Adventures in the Sin Trade,  Season:4, Weapon:chakram - USA
 Watching yrs of xena.

Favorite Character: Xena, Episode: Many Happy Returns, Season: 6, Weapon: Chakram - The Great Unknown
I love that series! It is perfect! With an intelligent humor! Perfect!

Favorite Character: xena, Episode:been there done that, Season:2, Weapon:round killing thing - England
I became a fan at at universal studios 1997.

Favorite  - Character: Callisto, Episode: Mortal Beloved, Death in Chains,  Season: 1, 2, Weapon: sword - Poland
I started watching Xena because of Hercules - I liked the show very much and I thought that second series will be great too. 
And was. I am both Hercules and Xena fan. Phear meh.

Favorite  - Character:none,  Episode:a friend in need, Season:6, Weapon:sword - Germany
I became a fan by  watching the shows.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:A Day in The Life, One Against An Army,  Season:1-4,  Weapon:Staff - USA
I never watched the show during its run(never even heard of it), but a couple of years ago read something about it being a big lesbian cult show.  Then I happened to see parts of an episode on Oxygen.  Don't know which one, but Gabrielle was in her season 5 & 6 garb.  I loved her from the beginning.  So I went out and bought season 1 on DVD and rest is history.  I think I was inspired by Xena because I started working out after that and I took up kickboxing.  Most of all, I love the relationship between Xena & Gabrielle.  I've read a lot of the fan fiction that its out there.  Most of it is very good.

Favorite  - Character:XENA,  Episode:DAY IN THE LIFE, Season:2,  Weapon: peace lover - USA

Favorite - Character: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode:Ides of march, Season:4, Weapon:round killing thing - USA
I watched my first episode and now i'm an addict.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Favorite  - Character: Velasca,Episode: The Royal Couple of Thieves, Season: 1, Weapon: sword - Poland
 Hercules movies - Hercules series - Xena. And now - I am really obsessed. Especially with villains. Callisto, Velasca, Alti - 
they all are great. Legend of Xena will live forever.

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: The Bitter Suite, Season: 5, Weapon: Chakram - USA
 Ever since i 1st laid my eyes on it!!! Till it ended

Favorite  - Character:XENA, Episode:DAY IN THE LIFE, Season:2 AND 3,  Weapon: Peace lover - USA

Favorite  - Characters: Xena/Gabrielle,Episode:One Against An Army, Season: 3,  Weapon: Staff  - Columbia   
I saw the show one day i missed school and i fell in love with it. unfortunately for me, the show was aired from 6pm to 7pm and it was almost impossible for me to see an entire episode because i used to study from 5 am untill 5:45Pm. almost.......Everyday At 5:50pm the classes were over and I had exactly ONE hour to run (yes run..!) 2 miles with my backpack full of algebra books directly to my house just to watch Xena. I guess my neighbors still must be intrigued about why a 13 years-old girl was acting so weird,every single day for two year.  "when i turned 15 my mom gave permission to drive a motorcycle ;)"

B-Bard 4 Sure
Favorite  - Character:Xena,  Episode:Fins, Femmes & Gems, Season: 6, Weapon: a fish - The Netherlands
While avoiding advertisments on one channel, I fell into season one ep 5 and fell in love.

Favorite  - Character: Xena/Gabby,  Episode:A friend In Need, Season: 6, Weapon:Xena's sword - USA
Just saw it on and started watching.  The relationship is exactly like the one I have with my best friend turned lover/soulmate.

Favorite  - Character: Hades, Episode: Death in Chains, Season: 3, Weapon: Sword - Poland
 I saw XEna in Hercules first season and since I am a cosplayer, I decided to make a Xena costume. And it was very hard to do. 
I decided to watch Xena, maybe I will find easier character to express myself. And this way I found both Amazons and my passion for this series. I didn't make a costume but I made Darth Maul so I finished pleased. ^^ Xena is one of my favourite TV shows, because it has the energy that a lot of series don't have. Even Hercules but I must admit that I like Hercules very much too. And thanks to Xena I found my mythological love - Hades (before Xena my favourite ancient god was Artemis).

Favorite  - Character: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode: Bitter Suite, Season: Season 3, Weapon: Sais - USA
 I happened across the show about halfway through the first season. I was hooked from the very first episode. I have been in withdrawals since the show ended but I still get the ocassional fix from other Xena junkies and the blessed Internet. The relationship between Xena and Gabrielle is one of the world's great love stories.

Heather aka Elara
Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: OAAA, A Day in the Life, When Fate Collide, Season:3,4, Weapon: Chakram - USA
Someone tipped me off to the show.  I got started in season 3 and finally caught reruns on USA!  Been obessed ever since and went to my first convention January 12-14 2007!  Lucy ROCKED HARD at the ROXY!

Colin aka Spike Bad
Favorite  - Character: Ares/Callisto, Episode: Return of Callisto, Season: 2, Weapon: Super Chakram
Saturday afternoons when I was a kid. I always loved to watch the show. I've never stopped since.

Favorite  - Character:Xena/Gabrielle/Ares/Joxer/Alti, Episode:All, Season:2,4, Favorite Weapon:Xena's sword/staff -USA
My husband and I were flipping channels one day, and we started watching it, but I wasn't hooked till about a year later, when I had to quit working D/T a pregnancy complication, and I had lots of time to watch.

Favorite  - Character: Xena/Autolycus/Aphrodite  Episode: India & Valkerie Trilogies, Season: 4, 5, Weapon: Staff - USA
 I was real ill for a few years in bed and Xena/Gab got me through it, and I got better because of it! My daughter grew up 
on Xena and our living room is the XENA Collection Room! Battle ON!

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:friend in need, Season:six, Weapon:sais - Spain

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: Is There a Doctor in the House?, Season:1 ,Weapon: Chakram - USA
I started out a huge Hercules fan, and it broke my heart how they killed off his wife and children when they started the series. When I saw the arc that introduced Xena, I thought she was a interesting character, but I did NOT like how they got her and Hercules romantically involved (it will always be Herc and Deianera for me), so when I heard Xena would have her won show, I actually refused to watch it! However, when I found out Renee O'Connor was on it, and I recalled how much I liked her in the Hercules movie "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom" - I decided to check out the show to see her. I watched "Cradle of Hope" and was hooked! I have been a huge fan of Xena ever since!

Xedra is one of the 1st Xenaholics to sign up years ago and was lost due to a techinical problem.

Lorena Fassioli
Favorite  - Character:xena/gabrielle/eve, Episode: in sickness and in hell/one against an army/eve/motherhood.
Season:all , Weapon: sword,chakram,sais,stuff - Peru
I  saw the first episode on tv doing zapping and i love it...so i continue watching and i stop doing soccer at the afternoons 
because i had to watch the show.so i became a xena freak. I LOVE XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS. 

Favorite  - Character: ALL, Episode: All, Season:4-6, Weapon: Xena's eyes - USA
Came across the show accidently. Thought it was a joke. Continued to watch. I Love the strength that Xena posses physically and emotionally. I also love the bond between her and Gabby. 

Jessica Meyer
Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: When fates collide, Season:6, Weapon:bow /staff/sais - USA
Well I was flipping through the tv one day and bam, some tall drink of water with dark hair was kicking some serious booty! 
I kept watching and saw some type of loving relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, I was like what are they trying to say here? I love this show sooooo much. Ai yi yi yi yi! Woot!

Dee Staples
Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: One Against An Army, Season: 5, Weapon: peace lover - USA

Favorite  - Character: Callisto, Episode: all, Season: All , Weapon: new chakram - USA
My aunt showed me Xena 7 years ago, so I got obsessed with the show.:D

Favorite  - Character:Xena/Gabrielle, Episode:One Against Army/When Fates Collide,
Season:All, Weapon:Sword - Czech Republic
One day I saw Xena fan clip on some netpage and started to watch from the first episode. Now I´m still watching.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:When Fates Collide/Succession/Norse Trilogy, Season: All, Weapon:Sais - France
The first time I've heard the yiyiyiyiyiyiyi I knew Xena would be part of my life for ever! I remember watching The Quest (in 1998 
or somehting) and thinking I really loved that show. French TV stopped airing just after the 3rd season. I thought Xena:Warrior Princess was over. But in April 2006 i've read an article about it and realized I had missed 3 whole seasons !!!! That's why I became a Xenaholic recently and I'm really obsessed with the show now.

Favorite  - Character:Xena/Gabrielle/Aphrodite, Episode:all, Season: all, Weapon:sai - USA
 A friend told me about the show a year ago and got me the first season as a gift. It snowballed from there.

Kalin Delnegro
Favorite Character:Xena, Episode:all,Season: all, Weapon:sword - USA
A brief summary on how you became a Xena Fan:i became a xena fan with the help of my ex boyfriend because he used to beat me up and i had to find a way to stop it.....so i popped in one of my old xena tapes from when i was 7 and started to watch it again........man did it help me and ever since then I have wanted to meet the famous and beautiful women that they call lucy lawless but in my heart and eyes no matter what she will alwayz be Xena Warrior Princess...........MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!

Favorite  - Character: Xena,, Episode: A friend in need, Season: 6, Weapon:chakram - Mexico
 I loved it.

Favorite  - Character: xena, Episode: one against an army, Season: 2, Weapon:sword
 fell in love with strong characters.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:A day in the life,Legacy, Many Happy Returns, all!!!!, 
Season:All, Favorite Weapon:Staff and sais! - Brazil
When I had 15 years old in 1997 I was watching TV and I saw the propaganda about the one new show that it went to start, 
I was very interested and I decided to watch. when I saw one certain little girl of green eyes,blond, cheeky, funny and lovely call Gabrielle I was impassioned for the show and never more I stopped to watching! Reneé is the best actress of the world for me!!!!!!

Favorite  - Character: Eve, Episode:livia, Season:5, Weapon: sword - USA

Chuck Bennett
Favorite  - Character:XENA,GABRIELLE, Episode:ALL , Season:ALL ,  Weapon: peace lover - USA

Georgiana Knightley
Favorite  - Character: Callisto,  Episode: Necessary Evil, Season: 2, Weapon: Sword - Poland
 When I was a little girl, I was watching Xena very often. But I didn't remember a lot from episodes. A month ago I started downloading Xena episodes and I think it's great that the old show I was used to know is still avaiable. Xena is great and I 
am very pleased I can consider myself as fan.

Nancy Moore
Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: all, Season: all, Weapon: Gab Wackers -USA
Was flipping channels and found it...got hooked

Favorite - Character:Xena, Episode: all, Season: 5, Weapon:Gabrielle's staff - Canada
I started watching in middle school and was totally in to greek mythology at the time so the show just clicked for me.

Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: The Xena Scrolls, Season: 6, Weapon: Chakram - USA
 Stumbled across the show on late night TV one Saturday, got hooked, found internet community and dove in!

Favorite Character:Xena, Episode:Fallen Angel, Season:Five,  Weapon: Peace lover - USA

Favorite  - Character: xena, Episode:chakram,Season:5, Weapon:sais - USA
By watching the it on t.v

Favorite  - Character: Xena/Callisto, Episode: Bitter Suite, Season: 2, Weapon: staff - USA
 Channel surfing, just stopped on it one day during season one, thank goodness. :)

Victoria Seehan
Favorite  - Character:XENA, Episode:ONE AGAINST AN ARMY, Season:3, Weapon:CHAKRAM - Northern Ireland

Favorite  - Character:Gabby, Episode:When Fates Collide, Season:6, Weapon:staff - USA
A show about a woman super hero -- had to see for myself.

Favorite  - Character: Alti, Najara, Kahina, Callisto, Hades,, Episode: Callisto, Return of Callisto, Necessary Evil, 
The Quest, The Debt, Legacy, Season: 2, Weapon: Sword and Irony - Poland
: I saw Xena in Hercules long time ago and I knew already she will be my favorite character in the series. Herculess was 
more plain and more...no-complicated-at-all. Xena had spirit and reasons. So when I saw first episode of Xena I became one 
of these mumbling and totally demented people known as Xenites. I still watch the show and I still enjoy it. I had a Xena 
website once upon a time and I want to reactivate it.

Favorite  - Character: xena, Episode: the furies, Season: 3, Weapon: chakram - Australia
First episode...brings out the warrior woman in us all!!

Favorite Character: xena, Episode: oh dont make me, Season: i cant, Weapon: chakram - USA
I was 8 and my brother liked it lol he stopped i didnt.

Favorite Character:Gabrielle, Episode:old ares had a farm, Season: 5/6, Weapon:sais - United Kingdom
Dad watched it when i was a baby grew up watching it.

Carly Zellmer
Favorite Character: Xena, Episode: the bitter suite, Season: 3, Weapon: chakram.  
Nothing was more exciting than seeing that thing send up the sparks! - USA
 I began watching it when the 4th season was just coming out.  Loved it ever since!  I got into it when breyer came out 
with the argo model horse.  I saw xena and was doomed ever since.

Favorite  - Character: Xena , Episode: Cant choose!!, Season:1, Weapon: Sword/chakram/pinch  - Norway
 One of my friends mentioned her, so i just checked her out and more and more came, so I downloaded few episodes 
and was hooked, then I saved money to the first season.

KiKi Kava
Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:Ides of March, Season:2, Weapon: peace-lover - USA

Debbie Morehead
Favorite  - Character:Xena/Gabrielle, Episode:Many Happy Returns, Season: 6, Weapon:peacelover - USA

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode: One against a army, Season: 1, Weapon: chakram - The Netherlands
Ever since a little child age 8 i think i've watch xena just recently i'v got them on dvd and every night before 
going to bed i watch one episode its a must.

Favorite  - Character:GABRIELLE, Episode:DAY IN A LIFE, Season:4, Weapon: peacelover - USA

Favorite  - Character: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode:A Day In The Life, Season: 3, Weapon:Chakram - USA
It was a very dark time in my life and found looking forward to this show weekly. It kept me hanging on.

Favorite - Character:Xena/Gab, Episode: all, Season:all 6, Weapon:peace lover - USA 
Loved the chemistry between the two women, light and dark personalities, , ying/yang. the good/bad thing . 
They made it work.

Sheri Ferro
Favorite  - Character:xena, Episode: all, Season:  all, Weapon: chakrem - USA
When i was 8 I saw an episode and have been hooked ever since.

Favorite  - Character:Xena and Gabby, Episode:A day in the life, Season: All, Weapon:Charkam - USA
Quite by accident-had just moved from NJ to NC and was home looking at TV and saw a episode for the first time 
and really enjoyed it.By then the show was off the air so I did the next best thing I purchased the DVD's> now I can 
watch whenever I want to. If you talk to my grandkids they think that its all the time. 

Adriana Paulino
Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode: Cleopatra, Season: 4, Weapon: chakram - USA
In 96 I was 8 years old, completely fell inlove with xena. still a fan today, 19 years old and ,meeting her for the 
first time @ the 2007 xena convention in NJ.

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:The Greater Good, Season:3, Weapon: Peacelover - USA

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle,, Episodes: A Day in the Life/Been there, Done that,  Season: All, Weapon: Staff - UK
 I never watched it when the 1st season started and then one Sunday morning I was channel
 hopping and I came across Xena. After that 1 episode I was hooked.

Favorite  - Character:Callisto, Episode:Ides of March-A Day in the Life, Season:3, Weapon: sais - USA
For some reason I ended up buying the season six dvd set before I had ever even seen an episode (I didnt even know 
there was a Gabrielle). Although I was very confused, I ended up really liking the show. The rest is history.

Favorite  - Character: Velasca, Episode: A Neccesary Evil, Season: Season 2, Weapon: peacelover - Colombia

Favorite  - Character: Velasca, Episode: The Quill is Mighter, Season 2, Weapon: Chakram/Sais - Colombia
Ok, since I began to watch the Xena Warrior Princess tv serie in this day i felt so great because the first chapter that
 i watched was A Day In The Life and this is an a espectacular comedy. Now I think that the relationship between
 Xena and Gabrielle is very strong.  

Sherena (Tina)
Favorite Character: Xena, Episode: I can't choose!, Season: 3, Weapon: Chakram - Canada
My mother was flipping through the tv channels and stopped at a channel which was showing Xena.
I watched the episode that day and was hooked. 

Favorite  - Character:gabrielle, Episode:looking death in the eyes, Season:4 - Weapon:chakram - England
Watched it on tv.

Dee Jay
Favorite  - Character: Xena and Gabrielle, Episode: The bitter sweat & Liar liar Hearts on Fire, 
Season: 3/5, Weapon: Sword/Chakram/ Staff - USA
I watched one episode and then started getting into it. Then I told someone I was going to be Xena for halloween. 
then I started really getting into the show. I now have all the seasons on DVD. Her Strength has helped me to 
be strong through many difficulties. 

Favorite Character:Xena, Episode:Chakram, Season:all of them, Weapon: sword - USA

Gabby Lu
Favorite - Character:Xena/Gabrielle, Episode: Ides of March, Season: 1, Weapon: Frying Pan - USA
 I was 11, went over to play at a friends house and they were all watching Xena. I was hooked.

Kyle Skhane
Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:Chakram, Season:5, Weapon:Ying-Yang chakram - Wales
 I became a Xena fan by watching her since I was 5 yrs old.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:is there a doctor in the house?, Season:one, Weapon: peace-lover - USA

Favorite  - Character:Xena gabrielle/aphrodite, Episode:One against an army, Season:1-2, Weapon:Sword - Netherlands
Watched the episodes when i was young, then i was older i remembered it again and got addicted again!

Favorite  - Character:XENA, Episode:THE DAY IN THE LIFE, Season:SEASONS 1-3,  Weapon: peace lover - USA

Shamon Williams
Favorite -  Character: Xena, Episode:Chakram, Season 5, Weapon:Both Chakrams -USA

Rodney Joseph
Favorite  - Character: xena, Episode: maternal instinct, Season:all, Weapon: chakram - The Philippines

Favorite  - Character: Xena/Gabrielle/Joxer , Episode: Warrior... Princess, Gabrielle's Hope Warrior... Princess... Tramp,
Season: 5 and 6, Weapon: Chakram and Sais - Denmark
One morning I turned on the TV because I couldn't sleep. The first thing I heard was Xena's battlecry and then 
I saw one hell of a flipping women on the screen. I thought at first that I was going mad, but descided to finish 
the episode.. And then I was on the hook.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:when fates collide, been there done that, 
Season: 3/4, Weapon:staff/sais - Germany
 I saw the first season on dvd and became infected with it in Feb.2007.

Christos Zabaras
I watced her on tv and i loved her skills and for her feelings.that's why i am her fan.she is a goddess.

Favorite - Character: CALLISTO!!!!, Episode: Anything with Callisto, Season: 3,4,6, Weapon: new chakram, sais - USA
 Channel surfing when I was 5, saw an episode, became addicted ever since :D

Favorite  - Character:GABRIELLE, Episode:IF THE SHOE FITS, Season:THIRD, Weapon:STAFF - USA

Favorite  - Character:Xena/Gabrielle, Episode:Many Happy Returns, Season: 6, Weapon: chakram - Phillipines
I first saw it in '97 on tv and got hooked there and then. I love who and what Xena is and most especially, 
the very special friendship/relationship that X&G has, which transcends everything. It's very rare and very precious. 
And they are very lucky to have found each other.

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: all, Season: 2, Weapon: gabby's staff - USA
Saw the first episode totally by accident when it aired and spent the next couple weeks trying to find the show again.  
I was hooked from the start.  As soon as i found the timeslot i was set.:)

Malik De Valia
Favorite - Character:MARCUS, Episode:THE XENA SCROLLS, Season:FIRST, Weapon: peace lover - USA

Favorite  - Character:Xena,Gabrielle, Melinda Pappas, Janice Covngton, Afrodite, Joxer, Ephiny,Mel,
Episode:All , Season:All , Weapon:Chakram, Sais - Belgium
By chance actually, was zapping one day, and there was this women that really kicked butt. Then I could not stop.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle,, Episode:been there done that, Season:2, Weapon:sais - USA
By watching the Oxygen tv channel

Kristy Walker
Favorite  - Character: Melinda Pappas,, Episode: The Xena Scrolls,Season: 2, Weapon: Xena's sword - England
I got the first season on video for Christmas a few years ago. And ever since then I've been hooked. 

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: The Bitter Suite, Season: 3, Weapon: Staff - USA

Maria Sizemore
Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:all, Season:all, Weapon:chakram - USA
Stumbled on the show  channel surfing and watched one episode and was hooked!!!!!

Deoris Ronan
Favorite -  Character: Gabrielle, Amazon Queen, Episode: Life Blood, Season: 5, Weapon: Chobos -USA
Liked Xena better than Hercules, had to struggle to watch the show which made it even more special. 
Came to love anything with Amazons in it, and loved Gabby always. Still an Amazon and still strong.

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode:  One Against An Army, Season: 4, Weapon: Sais - USA
Started watching Hercules and then XENA 

Favorite  - Character: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode: all, Season: all, Weapon: Staff - Canada
I watched A LOT of television shows when I was a kid, and Xena was one of them. I discovered Xena on TV sometime 
around 1996, 1997. I remember the show only aired once a week on Saturdays, and I always looked forward to those 
Saturdays. One year, I participated in my elementary school's "no TV for a week". From that point on, I stopped
becoming a tv fanatic and didn't watch much television shows, including Xena. Years and years later, the 
television show popped into my head, and now I'm a huge Xena fan all over again.

Favorite  - Character: IOLAUS, Episode: A DAY IN THE LIFE, ONE AGAINST AN ARMY, 
Season: ALL, Weapon: SWORD - Italy

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle/ Xena, Episode:One Against an Army,Abyss,FIN 1&2,, 
Season:2,3 and 6, Weapon:Sais - UK
Read a friend's fanfic and started to watch the series on You Tube last year.Bought the boxsets on e bay and 
have turned into a complete xena nutjob...it's sad really.

Favorite - Character:XENA, Episode:Day in the life,Many happy returns, Season:ALL, Weapon:Xena's breasts,LOL - USA
I started watching xena from the herc eps...then I fell in love!!!! AWE!!!!

Favorite  - Character: Xena the Conqueror, Episode: When the Fates Collide, Season:5, Weapon: Chakram - USA
I was staying up late one night and there was a xena rerun showing. I was hooked after that.

Favorite Character:xena, Episode:day in the life, Season:all, Weapon:sword - USA
I became a xena fan when my nephew wanted to watch this new show about and in his words a lady goes around kicking ass, at first i thought oh god not another thoes shows that has the woman dressed in a small out fit that can barely string to words together let alone act. but affter i started watching the show i was hooked and couldnt wait for the next episode.

Favorite Character: Gabrielle
Favorite - Character: Gabielle, Episode: Fins, Femmes & Gems, Season: 3, Weapon: chakram! - USA
 im a subscriber to Passion & Perfection on ralst.com and when Xena became fandom of the month for two months in a row, 
I figured i'd give it a looksy to see what the big hype was about, having known little of Xena in my childhood because my 
praents weren't big on letting me watch TV... youtube became my source of XENA until i ordered the seasons on DVD and 
now im obsessed ^_^

Meghan Foster
Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:A Day in the Life, Season: 2, Weapon: Staff - USA
Initially I hated Xena because it diluted my beloved Greek myths.  Then I saw "Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis", and I realized that scantily clad women running along the beach was waaay cooler than any dusty old greek myth!

Favorite Character: Gabrielle, Episode: all, Season: 4/6, Weapon: Sais - USA
 My friend introduced it to me about 8 years ago and I've been hooked ever since!

Dawn Tarr
Favorite  - Character:XENA, Episode:ALL, Season: ALL, Weapon:BREAST DAGGER - USA
 While painting i caught a few episodes on the oxygen network , and decided to buy the whole set.. ive been hooked 
and watching it over and over ever since.. seeing things i missed 6 times ago.. and more amazed each time.  TALENT!

Favorite  - Character: Xena!! , Episode: when fates collide/the bitter suite, Season:3/6, 
Weapon: anything xena uses to kick butt with!! - USA
A brief summary on how you became a Xena Fan: i've been watching for about 10 years!!

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle!, Episode:One Against an Army, Season:5, Weapon:Sais - USA
My Dad and I used to watch the show together when I was really little and I fell in love with it.

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode:  Been There, Done That, Season: 3, Weapon: Chakram - USA
 I was sixteen when I first saw Xena and I had never identified with any heroine like I did with her. Its nice to see a strong woman who doesn't have a ditzy alter ego or is hung up on a guy. She goes in, she does what needs to be done, and she's out. I love her!

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: When Fates Collide, Season: Season Six, Weapon: 6 - Brazil
It started only two years ago but I'm totally addicted to show.

Favorite - Character: Ares, Xena, Ephiny, Autolycus, Episode: Old Ares had a Farm, Amphipolis Under Siege, 
Motherhood, The Quill is Mightier, Season:6 - Weapon:chakram - USA
Used to watch the show on and off with my grangfather when I was really young. I would look for it on TV, but wasn't 
interested enough at that age to watch every episode. My parents got me the second season for Christmas when I was 
12 and the next year I asked for the first then got one every year, but bought some on my own. 

Xanthia Warrior Princess
Favorite  - Character:XENA, Episode:Ares had a farm and THE DEBT 1 & 2, Season: 3, Weapon: Xena's Sword - USA
Ran across Please remember by DSBAUDEN and fell in LOVE! Had to see them all in a frienzy. I just missed the 
boat, late bloomer 2002 was when I found the video. Now I'm CRAZY in withdrawl!!!!

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:girls just wanna have fun, Season:2, Weapon:chakram - USA
The first time she was on hercules:the incredible journeys.

Christine Gosselin
Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: Eve, Season: 5 , Weapon:chakram - Canada
When I watch the first time "The Debt 2" when Xena goes to prison and Gabrielle betrayed her to save Ming Tien.

Favorite Character: All , Episode: Old Ares Had A Farm, A Day In the Life, Motherhood, Season: 6 
Weapon: Staff - USA
I've been watching ever since I was a kid! My mom couldn't tear me away from it.

Favorite  - Character: gabrielle, Episode: Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire, Season: 3, Weapon: chakram - USA
i watched when i was little and then in the last year i got back into it =]

Favorite  - Character:Ares, Favorite Episode: motherhood, Season:5, Weapon:the Double Charkam - USA
I started watching both Hercules and Xena when the premired and watched them both every week but I thought Xena was the way better show, I loved Lucy and Renee and the relationship between Xena and Gabby. I loved the fantasy element of the show, 
it was fun to watch and escape my life for an hour.

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Gabrielle, Ares, Episode: 1 against an army, old ares had a farm, Season: 6 , Weapon: chakram -USA
Came across one night very late. Nice to see a woman kick butt, without a man and have an intelligence, too. enjoyed the 
acting of lucy and renee, good quality entertaiment. As far as the "subtext" saw that right off (even though I am straight..lol.  
Enjoyed how their relationship developed.

Character: gabrielle, Episode: a day in the life, Season:5, Weapon:chakram - Canada
By watching the show.

Favorite Character: Gabrielle, Episode: Been There Done That, Season:3, Weapon: Staff -  USA

Favorite  - Character: All, Episode: Warrior...Princess...Tramp..., Season: 1,2,3, 4, Weapon: ALL! - Australia
A brief summary on how you became a Xena Fan: When I was 7 I used to watch Hercules and then Xena became its Spin-off, 
and loved it ever since day 1!

Favorite  - Character: Alti, Episode:  Been There, Done That, Season: 6,Weapon: Sword - Germany
Because of Fan Music Videos

Robinson McFarland
Favorite  - Character:Callisto/ Xena, Episode:When Fates Collide, Season:Season 6, Weapon:sais - USA
I was flipping channelsand xena was on and i became hooked and own all 6 seasons.

Favorite - Character:Xena, Episode:Ides of March, Season:4, Weapon: peace lover - France

Favorite  - Character:  Xena/Gabrielle, Episode:  One Against and Army, Season: 5, Weapon: peace lover - USA

Suzanna Hicks
Favorite  - Character: Xena/Callisto , Episode:  One Against An Army, Season: 3, Weapon: Xena's fingers - USA
 Starting watching at the beginning of the Fifth Season and was hooked immediately. Crushed when the show ended. 
Bought DVD set in its entirety over the course of the years and watch regularly! I'm a huge Buffy fan, but I loved Xena first!

Favorite  - Character: Ephiniy/Callisto/Alti/Xena/Gab, Episode: One Against An Army/Hooves and Harlots/Who's Ghurkan,
Season: 3, Weapon: Chakram - Australia
It was my escape from problems at home when I was growing up. I liked watching this show where there was someone 
to help the weak, and that someone kicked butt doin it ;)

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle/Xena,Callisto , Episode: all, Season: 2,6, Weapon:Sais,Chakram
 I was a kid when the episodes originally aired but I remembered watching them with my dad.Over the last year or two 
I rediscovered the show and well an obession was born.

Ossi Menke

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: A friend in Need, Season: 6th , Weapon: Chakram (or sais) - USA
My mom got me into it, basically I just like the warrior woman theme.

Favorite  - Character: Xena and Gabrielle (I can't pick just one!)  Also Ares, Ilainus, Callisto, Ephiny, Lao Ma, Alti, Najara, Pao Ssu, Barius, Dagnine, Petracles, Thersities, Palaemon, and the list goes on.,  Episode: So hard to choose! Callisto (and return of), The Debts, The Bitter Suite, Adventures in the Sin Trade, Who's Gurkhan, In Sickness and in Hell, Paradise Found, Devi, The Way, Ides of March, Past Imperfect, The Quest, A Necessary Evil, Maternal Instincts, Amphipolis Under Siege, Fins, Femmes and Gems, Destiny, A dAy in the Life, ...shall I go on?, Season: 2,3,4,  Weapon: Staff - Canada
  I was in the last 2 months of my pregnancy, wasn't sleeping well, and was up very late at night, and came across something titled Xena: Warrior Princess.  It piqued my interest, and I was hooked ever since.  I own all 6 seasons on DVD as well as an extra season 1 and the first and final episodes on VHS, all of the Hercules episodes that contain Xena and other Xena regular cast members, as well as a cappuccino mug, a goblet, a t-shirt and a nightgown.  The incredible storytelling, heart wrenching drama and beautiful love between Xena and Gabrielle is my escape from reality.  I couldn't even explain the level of my fanaticism :P

Favorite  Character: Xena, Calisto, Joxer, Amazons...hard to pick one, Episode: Wow, Everysingle one...can't pick,
 Season: All, Weapon: Chakram - USA
I first began by watching Hercules...when i saw the three part pilot i was hooked on her! 

Favorite  -  Character: Gabrielle , Episode: Oooh hard one but Been There, Done That, Season: 3, Weapon: Staff - Australia
 It was on the tele and screamed out to be watched. How could I resist?

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: A Day in the Life, Season: 6, Weapon: sais - Australia
I used to watch with mum and dad after Hercules on a saturday night but really got hooked at the end of season 3 when Gabrielle died. It almost killed me waiting for S4!!!

Favorite Character:Xena, Episode:Many Happy Returns/Bitter Suite,  Season:all, Weapon:Chakram - USA
Xena is actually a month older than me so i was six when it went off the air, i didn't become a fan until '07 when my mom forced me to watch it with her.  The problem is that I'm 12 and my parents don't let me spend anything on my xena obbsession.  You guys can just buy your own tickets to conventions and spend how ever much you want. So now I have a huge hole in my life!

Favorite  - Character:Sometimes Xena, Sometimes Gabrielle, Episode:  'A Good Day', Season:3, 4 or 6, Weapon:Sais - UK
Happened to be watching TV when the S1 episode 'Altared States' came on. How could I not watch when confronted with a wet, nekkid Xena? After watching a few more episodes I realised the show was about so much more than kicking ass and looking hot. Now it's my touchstone.

Ashley Lavender
Favorite  - Character: Callisto/Cupid, Episode: destiny, in sickness and in hell , Season: all, Weapon:  new chakram - USA
 I was flipping throw the channels n saw somthing on i remember getting all excited and on the edge of my seat like a scary movie would have u. I couldn't wait for the next week to sees whats happends next. Since then i never missed one show.

Elie Benroche
Favorite Character: all, Episode:all, Season:1, Weapon: peace lover 0 Israel
A brief summary on how you became a Xena Fan:
beacause xena is the film very fun and very beautiful i'am like to chakram is very exciting.

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:When Fates Collide, Season:3, Weapon:chakram - USA
Well, my friend said that she use to watch it when it was first starting, i never had the time or really wanted to watch xena, when i came on TV, i just saw events at the wrong time, and yea, but, i saw an episode about a month ago, and been obbsessed ever since then, everyday, i watch it.

Niki Davidson
Favorite - Character: Xena , Episode: Been There Done That, Furies, In Sickness & Hell, Season: 5, Weapon:Chakram - USA
I watched it on occasion but got really involved in the show when bartending. 
A group would rent out the back room and watch Xena eps one a month and discuss the show. 

 Leyd Medeiros
Favorite  - Character: Xena e Gabrielle, Episode: The Abyss, Season: ALL, Weapon: chakram/sais - Brasil
Since 1996, I Love Lucy and Renee

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:All but,'a day in the life'! lol, Season:3, Weapon:chakram - UK
What can I say. A beautiful kick ass, strong woman, my kind 'o' gal

Favorite  - Character:gabrielle, Episode:a day in the life, Season:6, Weapon:peace lover - USA

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: I don't have a favorite, Season: Season two, Weapon: the boob knife thing - USA
Started watching it again and really enjoyed it

Tory G.
Favorite  - Character: Cliché, but Xena, Episode: Locked Up and Tied Down, Season: 4, Weapon: Chakram - USA
I began watching the show in it's 2nd season while flipping through channels and was instantly hooked. I was pretty young, 
and quickly became obsessed. Lucky for me, the obsession is a life-long one. =D

Favorite  - Character:Ares, Episode:all, Season:All, Weapon:Ares' sword - USA
A brief summary on how you became a Xena Fan:I started watching it from day one, and was automatically hooked, especially when Kevin Tod Smith made his appearances.

Favorite  - Character: Xena/Gabrielle, Episode:  One Against An Army, The Xena Scrolls, When Fates Collide, 
The Quest, & A Day In The Life. , Season: Season 2, Weapon: The staff/Chakram - USA
I was watching a commercial for the 2nd season ep "Orphan Of War" and decided to give it a chance... 
I fell in love... what more can I say... :-)

Favorite  - Character: Ares, Episode: Im not sure, Season: 5, 6,  Weapon: chakram - USA
My mother got me hooked. We would watch it every week together...

Chris Kolka
Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:One agaist a army, Season:2, Weapon:Chakram - USA
I start watching it in 5th grade.

Favorite  - Character:XENA, Episode: IDES of March, Season: 4, Weapon:Sword - USA

# 585
Jessica Nowlan
Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:Is there A Doctor in the House, Season:I'm a latecomer--only seen 1st season! - USA

Favorite  - Character: Joxer, Episode: For Whom the Bell Tolls , Season: 2, Weapon: Original Chakram - USA
A brief summary on how you became a Xena Fan: I have been a Xena fan since I was 13 with season 2.

Marie Mitchell
Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:Old Aries had a farm, Season:All,Weapon:Chakram - USA
1999, I was at a football game at my old high school, and I did my special call. Some one yelled back at me from 
across the feild, "XENA!" The next day was the first time I saw the show.

Favorite  - Character: Xena/Callisto, Episode: The Bitter Suite, Ulysses, Season: ....all...maybe the first, Weapon: sais - USA
Dad watched it when I was growing up. I got hooked...I liked the butt kicking and the fact that Xena was strong and sexy and didn't have to just be one or the other.

Favorite  - Character:gabby, Episode:all of them, Season: 3, Weapon:gabbys sais - UK

Favorite  - Character:Aphrodite/Gabrielle, Episode:Bitter Suite, A day in the life, Season:2, Weapon:chakram - USA
A teacher actually recommended it to me. I watched the first episode and was hooked. The interaction between Xena and Gabrielle is amazing, heart breaking, and inspiring. 

Samantha Brown
Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle/Xena, Episode:The Xena Scrolls, Season:1,2, Weapon:Staff - USA
I began watching it with my mother when I was five or six. I just loved it, and would always be asking questions while it was on. 
I stumbled apon it late last year, and have been obessed with it ever since.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:Maternal instincts, Season: 4th, Weapon:chakram - Brazil
I was at home, cos I was sick. I was watching TV and I wacthed a wonderful chapter from the serie. 
I could see the real message from the show at this day (the friendship and the love) and I FELT in love!

Favorite - Character:xena, Episode:god fearing child, Season:5, Weapon:chakram - USA
Because of her chakram.

Solan Sprouse
Favorite -Character: xena, Episode:the xena scrolls, Season:3, Weapon:chakram - England
I first watched the show years ago and i liked it.

Favorite - Character: Xena, Callistoooo :D, Episode: When Fates Collide, Season: 4, 5 or 6. , Weapon: Chakram! - USA
Well I watched it a bit when I was little and loved it :D but then just got reobsessed a few months ago when 
I got netflix and started watching it again, non stop. :D

Barbara Desmond
Favorite - Character: Xena, Callisto, Ares, Episode: The Greater Good, The Furies, Day In The Life, The Quill Is Mightier, 
Season: Loved them all., Weapon: I love the original chakram and how could I resist a shiny sword - USA
 A girl who shall remain nameless since we parted ways turned me onto Xena and from that moment I was hooked.

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:Dayin the life, Season:2&3, Weapon: peacelover - USA

Indiana Jones
Favorite  Character: Hades, Episode: Death In Chains, Season: 1, Weapon: sword - Poland
It was when I first watched Hercules The Legendary Journeys. I started liking Xena from the first sight and 
I wasn't surprised she gained her own show. She is amazing, as well as other characters that are her friends or foes. 
I am huge fan, I was and will always be.

Favorite  - Character:xena, Episode:all, Season:all, Weapon:Chakram - USA
I was always into the show since i was little. now im 23 and still loving it!

Favorite  - Character:gabrielle, Episode:the xena scolls, Season:3, Weapon:sais - Canada
A friend told me about Xena TV serie and i become completeling crazy about it.

Qhal Greyjoy
Favorite  - Character: Callisto, Draco, Lao Ma, Hades, Discord, Velasca, Borias, Episode: Mortal Beloved, Return of Callisto, 
The Quest, A Necessary Evil, Ides of March, Whos' Gurkhan, Legacy, Norse Trilogy, Season:2/6, 
Weapon: chakram, sword, godly power - Russia/Romania/Poland
 It began when I saw Hercules. Xena was the first real warrior woman I have seen, so she made me strongly fascinated. 
She was bold and beautiful. After watching the first episode of her own series, I knew already it will be one of 
my favorite shows. Ancient gods, fights, drama and comedy in one - just perfect.