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Favorite  - Character: XENA, Episode:MOTHERHOOD,  Season:3,6, Weapon:CHAKRAM - Spain

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Ares, Aphrodite, Autolycus, Joxer, Ephiny, Episode: Old Ares had a Farm, 
Season: 6, 5, 3, 1,Weapon: chakram (both old and new) - USA
I stole the obsession from my older cousin (Chakram or Jessie).

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Draco, , Episode: all the ones with evil Xena; Eternal Bonds, & all the other ones with Ares,
Season: 5/6, Weapon: chakram - Russia
I first saw Xena when i was 9 or 10 & just fell in love with her, how strong she is & how beautiful... 
& now i got re-obsessed with her again :)

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: When Fates Collide, Season: 6, Weapon: Sais - Italy
I watched them once and fell in love instantly!

Favorite  - Character:Xena/Gabrielle, Episode:A Day in the Life, One against an army, Been there, Done that,
Season:2, Weapon:sword, chakram - Germany
I was a young child when the first episode of Xena aired in Germany. From the first moment I love this show. 
From this time I was a big Fan and look every episode.

Favorite  - Character: xena, Episode:old ares had a farm,, Season:3, Weapon:chakram
i watch 1 show and i like it.

Emily Hopkins
Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:All of them, Season: All of them, Weapon:Chakram - UK
My friend is half greek and when he went over there in 2006 he saw it on the T.V , we searched for Xena on a T.V channel 
in the uk when he came back and we immediately got addicted xx.

Favorite Character: toris, jace, Episode: giant killer, death mask, last of the centaurs, lyre lyre hearts on fire, 
Season: 1, 5, 2, Weapon: frying pan - Iceland
Bored one day and started searching internet... stumbled onto a xena site... became interested... 
bought the seasons... and here we are.

Favorite  - Character: Xena - Gabrielle - Alti, Episode: "When fates collide", "Warrior, priestess..tramp",  Season: 6
Favorite Weapon: Sais, Livia's sword - Italy

Tayna F.
Favorite  - Character:Xena & Gabrielle & Callisto...ok, all of them,  Episode:A Day in the Life, 
Season: They were all great!, Favorite Weapon:All - USA
Just stumbled upon it.  I miss it!

Favorite Character: Gabrielle,  Episode: Forget Me Not, Season: 2, Weapon: peace lover - UK

Favorite  - Character:xena, Episode:gabrielle as joxer, Season:1-6, Weapon:chajram - USA
Watch on tv every week.

Favorite Character: Xena/Gabby , Villians: Evil Callisto & Ares
Episode: Dreamworker,Bitter Suite,Takes One to Know One,Fallen Angel, Season:  3rd & 5th
Weapon: Xenas Sword/Orginal Chakram/Gabby's Staff - USA
A brief summary on how you became a Xena Fan: I just fell in love the first time i saw the show.The first memory is when i was staying at my fathers (they had just recently divorced,i was 5 maybe 6) and i remeber watching The Lost Mariner and was absoutly entranced by it. It's very tame now,but at the time,it was faboulous,and i got hooked immediately.For years i watched that show.I lost interset for a while,like most everyone else,mostly due to the fact i had very few episodes taped and had lost the one channel that aired it.I have always got back into the show,sooner or later.Luckily when i did,i had a netflix account,and to my delight,netflix had seasons 1,3,5,6 avaible for rent, and 2&4 avaible for instant ( i was disappointed because my comp, was not equiped to watch it instantly) Luckily,i recently found a site that had not only season 2 and 4 ( i own 1,3,5, & 6 and even have a few episodes from seasons 2 & 4 taped off of oxygen) but the rest as well.Since then, whenever i am in the mood for xena(at least episodes i do not have a copy of) I get on that same awesome site and watch episodes that i do not have.I am rambling,but if u knew me,u wouldn't have gotten me started on one of the best shows ever to grace television,which afterall is a classic and if nothing else should be put back on a channel to show the reruns.sry for the ramble. 

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode: One against am army, Season:3, Weapon:whip - USA
 I love kick ass ladies.

Edina Barath
Favorite  - Character: Xena:Warrior Princess, Season :6, Weapon: Chakram - Hungary

Favorite  - Character:Xena/Gabby, Episode:When Fates Collide, One Against an Army, A friend in need,
Favorite Season:6, Weapon: Staff. Love to watch renee kick azz with it lol. - USA
Watched it from the beginning. I was addicted. Fell away from it due to unavailabilty. THEN TA DA I found youtube and 
netflix so I am now on about my 3rd time through every episode of Xena and Hercules that has Xena or Gabby in it.

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Gabby Callisto, Alti, Aphrodite, Episode:Lyre, Lyre Heatrs on fire, if the shoe fits, A day in the life,
Season:5, Weapon:Sais - Australia
I used to watch it then when mum got a dvd player I started getting it from xena and I'm 14.

Favorite - Character: Don't make me choose, Episode: Many Happy Returns, Season: 6 bar FIN, Weapon: Sai - UK
 I kept Bravo 2's viewing figures high after they played all 6 season... It all happened so fast *splutters.*

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:Whichever one I've seen lately, Season:3,, Weapon:Staff - USA
My partner kept insisting it was a great show -- even if when I came home I kept seeing just Joxer!  Joxer with no context is not 
the best way to start!  :-)

Lynne Fricke
Favorite  - Character:  XENA, Episode: any and all, Season: all, Weapon: sword/ chakram - USA
When I was a youngling, I loved horses, esp.  palominos.  in  jr. high I became enthralled with Greek mythology.  
In 1985 i wrote a story about a tall, fierce warrior woman with black hair and vivid blue eyes.  One of her warriors was named could I not love Xena at first sight?    I have been drawn to her all my life.

Jessica Hatch
Favorite  - Character: Ares, Episode: Coming Home, Season: 6, Weapon: chakram - USA
I was about 7 when Xena came on the air, and I started watching it then, and never stopped!  I have always loved her kick-butt attitude.  I even would record it on Oxygen when it started playing in the mornings, but they have since cancelled it, which sucks!

Sylvia Reece
Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: A day in the life, Season:5, Weapon: Chakram - USA
I was watching hercules with my brothers and saw a Xena commercial. I saw my first episode shortly after and loved it! 
I have been a fan ever since!

Paul Butcher
Favorite Character:xena, Episode:a friend in need, Season:1, Weapon: peace lover - USA

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:all!!!, Season:all!!!, Weapon:chakram - Portugal
When i was young i dreamed that when i grew up i would have a role on xena as her daugther 
cuz of my blue eyes dark hair and i'm tall!!!

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: a Day in the life of, Season: Too difficult to answer, Weapon: chakram - UK
I stumbled across an episode after I came back from school. I found myself rushing home to catch the next one. Then I steadily caught every episode of season 1. Much to my dismay they moved the show to 11pm at night (hmm subtext?) and it was more difficult to catch it. I'd sneak into the commonroom (at boarding school) and sit with my face practically pressed against the screen with the volume as low as I could get it - I got caught a couple of times. The show didnt finish in South Africa - not sure why - so when I finally could afford the box set I bought the lot. I've filled many many hours catching up all those lost episodes - lovely.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:Too many to name, Season:5/6, Weapon:Sais - USA
Young piano student told me about the show and I instantly became hooked!

Kadar Polat
Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:Destny and Ides Of Mach, Season:2,4,6, Weapon:Sword, Chakram - Turkey
Watch on tv every week.

Favorite Character:1 Xena 2 Gabrielle 3 Callisto 4 joxer 5 Ares 6Caesar 7Alti 8 Eli 9 Hercules 10 Iolaus,
Episode:Callisto,Prometheus, Destiny, Between the lines,Edes of march,Fallen angel, Seeds of faith,God fearing child,
Send in clones,When fates collide., Season:1,4,6, Weapon:Chakram - Turkey
Till the day I have watched Xena on tv (in 1996),I'm a big Xena fan.First after they finished to broadcast in Turkey,I have started to follow the subject from net.

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Xena, Episode: Ides of March, When Fates Collide, Is There a Doctor in the House,
Season: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, Weapon: staff - US
 I'm an old, new zena fan.. Last year, I was home for 2 months, recovering from an illness. I had the 1st searon DVDs 
but never really watched them. By the time I finished watching the first season, I had bought the other 5 seasons 
and have been watching them ever since. 

Leyd Medeiros
Favorite - Character: Xena e Gabrielle, Episode:I like all but the final I do not like - Brasil

Favorite  - Character: Baby Gabby (Season One), Xena, Mortal Ares, Episode:  Old Ares Had A Farm,
Season: All of them, Weapon: Xena's Chakram. Both of them - Australia 
I saw it on TV when I was a kid. I quite recently (last year, 2007) rediscovered it, and am totally hooked :)

Mims B.
Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: A Day in the Life, Season: 2, Weapon: Chakram - Canada
Watched it religiously when it first started and got re-acquainted with it this year.

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode:i love so many, Season:all seasons. - USA

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: all, Season: all, Weapon: sword - Czech Republic
 Simply by seeing first episode.

Sam B.
Favorite  = Character: Gabrielle, Episode: A Day In The Life, Season: Season 2 (so far), Weapon: Staff - USA
I was watching t.v. late at night some years back, and caught the ending of the very last episode. From that moment on, 
I was hooked. I tried to watch it on Oxygen whenever I could, but they soon took it off the air.

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: When Fates Collide, Season: Season 6, Weapon: Sais - Canada
I've been a Xena fan since I saw my first episode when I was eight. I've been hooked ever since :D

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: A Day In The Life, One Against An Army and When Fates Collide,
Season: Season 3 and 6, Weapon: Staff - USA
 I became a fan when it started back in 1995. I was really young and got hooked up immediately! I'm still re-watching the series.

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Aphrodite, Autolycus, Callisto, Episode: A Day in the Life, Season: 2, Weapon: Chakram - Australia
After watching some of the Hercules episodes, I found that the quality of acting and stunts found within the Xena and Hercules series was unlike anything I had seen before, each episode felt more like a movie rather then a TV show and to this day I'm still impressed by the performance and talent of everyone involved in the series.  

Favorite  - Character: Both Xena and Ares, Episode: Bitter Suite, Season:3,  Weapon:Original Xena Chakram - USA
 Stumbled upon the series on it debut night back in September, 1995, and I have been hooked every since.

Favorite - Character: Borios, Episode: Been there, Done that, Season: 3, Weapon: Gabrielle's Staff - Australia
 Was obbsessed with it when I was little when it was on TV.

Favorite Character: Xena, Episode:All, Season:All, Weapon:CHAKRAM! - USA

Angie Kemp
Favorite  - Character:gabrielle, Episode:a family affair, Season: 3, Weapon:chakram - United Kingdom
Watched all the series

Thainara Gasparino
Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:all, Season:4, Weapon:Chakram-BR - Brasil

Favorite  - Character:Xena and Gabrielle (that's all I need), Episode:"Is There a Doctor in the House?", "The Abyss", 
"Been There Done That", "Return of The Valkerie", "When Fates Collide", Season:1, 3 & 6, Weapon:fighting staff - USA
 Xena came on the air when I was about 4 years old.  I watched it every now and again, but I never really understood what was happening.  When the show started to air on Oxygen, I was abut 12 or 13.  From then on I was hooked.

Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle/Xena, Episode: When Fates Collide, Season: 6,  Weapon: Sais - USA
 I used to watch the show when I was about 9 years old. I wasn't addicted with the show until a couple of years ago when I came across a xena music video on youtube. Since then, there's been no looking back!

Trish Ryan
Favorite  - Character:xena/gabrielle, Episode:one against an army/bittersuite, Season:3, Weapon:staff - USA

Favorite  - Character:  Xena , Episode: All, , Season: All, Weapon: Sword - UK
I like Lucy Lawless' butt kicking character.

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Gabrielle, Nijara, Aphrodite, Eli, Episode: Between the Lines, One Against an Army, Destiny, 
The Abyss, The Bitter Suite, When Fates Collide, Is There a Doctor in the House?, The Way, and more, Season: 4,
Weapon: Xena's sword - USA
Been a fan since the first episode I ever saw on TV when I was really little, I remember recording the shows on 
Oxygen with my VHS.

Sarah Beede
Favorite  - Character:Ares, Episode:Old Ares Had A Farm, Season:All, Weapon:Chakram - USA
Loved the Show From The First Time I Watched It!

Favorite  - Character: Joxer, Jett, Jace, Episode: Lyre, Lyre Hearts on Fire; Callisto; King of Assassins,
Season: 3 and 5,, Weapon: Joxer's mini dagger from Callisto - Greece
 Saw a few episodes when I was younger and eventually came to love Joxer and Ted Raimi. 
I think he is one of the funniest actors ever. And I love the characters he plays. 

Favorite  - Character: Callisto, Xena, Hades, Lao Ma, Episode: Death in Chains, Ides of March, Necessary Evil, The Quest,
 Season:2, Weapon: Chakram - Japan

May Bullock
Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:Adventures In The Sin Trade, Season:6, Weapon:Chakram - England
Down in the dumps just sat in front of the T.V. and Xena came on and have been hooked ever since.

Favorite - Character: xena, Episode: a day in life, one against the army, Season: i love all!!,
Weapon: chakram, gabrielle's staff - Indonesia
first i watched xena was about 7 years ago. i watched her on my tv at home..but our the tv programme stopped playing 
the series till the end of season1..and you know what, i missed the last episode that time...then i got my self find the last
 episode of xena and i found that there's 6 season and now i'm trying to get the complete know,here, in indonesia there's not many dvd seller sells xena's dvd.. make me sick!! but, i just like xena so muchhhhh...!!!!

Favorite  - Character:Gabrielle, Episode:The Xena Scrolls, Season: 4, Weapon, Chakram - Italy

Favorite  - Character:Xena,Gabrielle,Autolycus,Callisto,  Episode:Warrior...Princess..Tramp, A Day In The Life,
Been There Done That, Season:2,3, Weapon:Chakram - Lebanon
I started watching Xena after it had ended,in 2006, because when the show originally started i was a few months old, (i was born in April 10th 1995), so in 2006 (11 years old) i was searching for something to watch and i discovered xena, the episode was "Crusader" and i got hooked.

Favorite  - Character: xena, Episode: all, Season: 3 to 6, Weapon:chakram - Canada
I watched it the first time with my nephew who was a fan and i fell in love with the show and now am a bigger fan and always will be!!!1

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, Ephiny, Ares, Cyrene, Episode:The Price, 
Season: 2,1,3, Weapon: Chakram, staff - USA
My husband watched because they were "scantily clad".  I grudgingly watched it, but I loved it, becoming a 
much bigger fan than he was.  I watched it from the first season on.  After Gabrielle's evil daughter killed Xena's son, 
I didn't watch it for almost a whole year, their pain was too great for me.  Then I watched it again. 
 I bought all the seasons on DVD, and watch them on a regular basis. I am crazy for this series.  If our house catches 
on fire, it's the kids, the pets, and the Xena Dvd's that get saved!!!

Favorite  - Character:all, Episode: The Bitter Suite,, Season:all, Weapon: whip - Canada

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:A Day in the Life, Season:2&3, Weapon:Chakram - USA

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Episode: Punch Lines, Season: 4, Weapon: Chakram - USA
I was flipping randomly through the t.v. channels and I probably passed it 5 or 6 times until I saw fighting and 
was instantly curious about what show it was. I was like 5-6 years old so I could watch it whenever I could!!
 Been a huge Lucy Lawless fan since!!

Ivy Elm
Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:God Fearing Child, Season: 6, Weapon:Chakram - USA
Xena came on tv after I got outta kindergarden (no lie) I watched Hercules until she appeared on there and 
got her own show. What four year old kid is not going to worship a but kicking hero. She was sooooooo cooler 
than power rangers. I've been watching it ever since.

Favorite  - Character:x ena, Episode: all, Season: 3-6, Weapon: Peace lover - Canada

Favorite - Character: xena, Episode: destiny, Season:2, Weapon:new chakram - Spain
I saw the episode destiny and after that I had to keep watching the show.

Favorite  - Character: Xena ; Gabrielle ; Callisto ; Amarice, Episode: Looking Death In The Eye ; Motherhood ; 
Maternal Instincts ; When Fates Collide ; Callisto ; Ides Of March, Season: 3 ; 5 and 6
Weapon: Chakram - Portugal
 I stumbled across an episode on Tv in December 2008 (Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts)and i loved it! the next day i was already 
watching the first ep of Xena :P

Favorite  - Character: Gabby. Callisto & Auto too!, Episode: Been There, Done That. A Day In The Life.
Season: 2, Weapon: Longbow - UK
Watched it at the young age of four. A friend mentioned it a couple of years ago, 
and after watching some episodes again, i'm re-addicted.

Brittany Baldridge
Favorite  - Character: Gabby!, Episode: Who's Gurkhan?,Season: 4, 6, Weapon: Chakram! - USA
I used to watch it when i was little with my mom and last year i had a dream about Xena.. it was weird. but after that ive become so infatuated 
with the show! the episodes never get old!

Favorite - Character: Mel and Janice, Episode:Deja Vu All Over Again, Season:6th,Weapon:Staff - USA
Channel surfing, hoping to find something to jumpstart a writing project, I stumbled upon Chariots of War...wierd, warped.
 I was hooked.

Hope O'Conner
Favorite  - Character:Ares, Episode:Old ars had a farm Chakram, Season:6, Weapon:Charkram - UK
My Mum named my after Hope because she thought she was inasent lol My mum.

Favorite - Character:Xena/Gabby and aphrodite, Episode:Thats a really tough one..theres so many but I do love one against an army & when fates collide, Season: 3, Weapon:chakram - USA
I was in a car accident about 3 years ago and I caught an episode of xena on oxygen so I went on line and ordered the whole series so 
I could watch it from start to finish..I think Ive done that about 20 times since then...Greatest show ever!!!

Katherine Wood
Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: all, Season: all, Weapon: chakram - USA
 Saw the show one day, and kept watching. How can you not love it?

Favorite - Character: Xena, Episode: Fins, Femmes and Gems, Season: 3, Weapon: Xena Breathing Fire - USA
Dont recall, Xena came on when i was barely old enough to remember. It started a lifelong obsession (and a liking of Hercules) that makes me 
rewatch the show pretty constantly.

Favorite  - Character: gabrielle, xena, ares, Episode: the bitter suite, Season: 3, Weapon: chakram - USA
I became a xena fan since I first saw it in 1995. I used to beg my mom to let me stay up late and watch it.. My mother 
was strict and had me going to bed early so that would be the only time I was able to stay up and extra hour. lol

Favorite - Character: Xena & Ares, Episode: Path of Vengance, Season: all, Weapon:Chakram, Sword, Sais - The Netherlands
I watch one episode on TV and I was hooked!

Sylvia Graves
Favorite  - Character: xena, Episode: all, Season: all, Weapon: chakram - USA
Back in 1995 i started watching xena and thought how interesting is was.

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:A Day in the Life, Season: 3, Weapon:Chakram - USA
Watching the series.

Favorite  - Character: Xena and Ares, Episode:All of them, Season:All - USA
Favorite Weapon:her pining thing...god what was that called?
I've watched her with my dad since I was three yrs old. she's awsome.

Chad Finke
Favorite  - Character: Gabrielle, The Battling Bard, Episode: One Against an Army, Season: 2, Weapon: Sai - USA
My mom used to watch the show so I started. I was captivated by the power one person can have on the world.

Favorite Character:Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, Ares, Ephiny, Episode:Is There A Doctor In The House, Tsunami, One Against An Army, Season: One, Weapon:Chakram - USA
Watched it, fell in love, now watch it many times on DVD

Favorite Character: Callisto, Xena, Hades, Salmoneus, Lao Ma., Episode: A Day In The Life, Necessary Evil, Tsunami, Royal Couple of Thieves, Sins of the Past., Season:2,5, Weapon: Chakram - Poland
y family watched, so do I. I learned Xena in 2001 when they finally run it second time on TV. It was mixed with Hercules, so I watched 
all Hercules and Xena episodes at once. I decided to be Callisto and dyed my hair blond, to be more like her. And that remained, 
maybe except hair :)

Favorite Character: Gabrielle and Joxer, Episode:,"The Quill is Mightier...', Season: 3, Weapon: Sword - USA
 Just came across it early this year on Netflix. Now own the coplete series on DVD.

Favorite - Character:Callisto, Episode:The Quill Is Mightier, Season:from 3rd, Weapon:sword
Watch for many years. Just liked the whole thing immidiately.

Favorite  - Character: Xena, Ares, Livia, Aphrodite, Gabrielle, Joxer, Episode: The ones with evil Xena flashbacks, 
Season:5, Weapon: Chakram - Spain
 I was 10 when I first saw the Reckoning, since then I'm hook. (been for 12 years)

Lynette Miller
Favorite  - Character:gabrielle, Episode:can't choose, Season: can't choose, Weapon: Peace lover - USA

Favorite  - Character:Xena, Episode:A friend in Need, Season: 5, Weapon: Chakram - USA
When I was a kid I was deep into mythology so naturally I was attracted to Xena: The Warrior Princess.

Favorite  - Character: xena, Episode: lyre, lyre hearts on fire, Season: season 5, Weapon: chakram - UK

Favorite Character: Xena,Gabrielle,Ephiny,Callisto, Episode: One against an Army 3.13, Season: 5
Breast Dagger & the Staff - USA
I remembered Xena from when she first aired I did not see that many episodes but I am now buying all her seasons and
 somehow come addicted to Xena.

Favorite  - Characters:Callisto,Xena,Ares , Episode:Coming home, Season:all of them, Weapon:Chakram

Hannah Brooks
Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: In sickness and in hell, Season: 4, Weapon: Sias - Australia
 Girls kicking butt and hott to boot.

Favorite - Character: xena,  Episode: soul possesion, Season:5, Weapon:sword - USA
 When i was 5 i was watching hercules and xena came on, instantly i thought she was the coolist thing i've ever seen. i had made up my mind that i wanted to be just like her when i grew up. xena was my hero in my world of my birth parent's insanity. after i was taken away from them by dcfs, i looked to xena like an older sister/ mentor. even though i'm 19 when life gets tough i watch xena, and somehow life doesn't seem so bad.... yes, i do live by the motto: what would xena do? 

Favorite  - Character:XENA, Episode:DAY IN THE LIFE, Season:6, Weapon: peace lover - USA

Favorite  - Character: Janice Covington, Episode:  Deja Vu All Over Again, Season: Two, Weapon: Staff - USA
 Boredom, surfing my remote control and stumbled across The Reckoning.  I was hooked.

Favorite - Character: Xena/Gabrielle/Eve/ Aphrodite, Episode: The bitter suit/ motherhood/ etc, Season: 5, 
Weapon:New Look Chakram - USA
The first episode I saw was "the quill is mightier", and fell in love with it.

Favorite - Character: Gabrielle, Episode: When Fates Collide, Season: 6, Weapon: Staff - Germany
Watched the first episode when it aired in Germany and loved it from that minute on.

Favorite Character: Xena, Gabrielle, Callisto, Joxer, Episode: When Fates Collide, Lyre lyre hearts on fire, Many happy returns, Chakram and too many others to count, Season: 4, 6, Weapon: Chakram - Brasil
 I watched Xena since 1996. I just loved the show and with 5 years old I was already a XenaHolic and well, this addiction never leaved me xD.

Favorite Character:Xena,Gabby,Meg,joxer and callisto, Episode:all of the 134 episodes, Season:all of the six seasons, 
Weapon:chakram and the katana oh and gabbys stick - New Zealand
"I was 8 and me and my mum were watching channel 4 and this epic add with black sand and a galloping horse camera view was 
playing on our screen, then suddenly-  X, coming soon -took a couple of months to come out but watching that X every day was the play of life changing event- growing up with xena on my tv was the best up bringing a child could have-and being 5 mins away from where they filmed the show-makes me feel like i was somehow part of the adventure."

 Favorite Character: Xena, Meg, Episode: Warrior, Princess, Tramp, Season, 6, Weapon: Chakram - Australia
I loved it the first time I saw it.

Ngoc Dang
Favorite Character:Xena, Gabrielle, Episode:Is There A Doctor In The House?, The Quest, A Day In The Life, 
One Against An Army, A Family Affair, Fallen Angel, The Abyss, The Ring Trilogy, When Fates Collide, Many Happy Returns,
Season:All Of ThemWeapon:Chakram, Sais - Vietnam
A brief summary on how you became a Xena Fan: LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!

Ana Hernandez
Favorite, Character:Xena, Episode:When Fates Collide, Season: 4, Weapon: Peace lover - USA

Favorite, Character: Gabrielle, Episode:When Fates Collide, Season:2, Weapon: Staff - USA
I started watching around the middle of season one and was hooked instantly.  I am a mythology fanatic and love the Roman period.  I know the 
accuracy is suspect but I enjoyed seeing the characters I studied portrayed in the show.  I also of courselove the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle.  Unconditional never ending love and devotion.  I just got netflix and have run through the seasons quickly again, feeding my addiction again :)

Favorite Character:Xena, Episode:Intimate Stranger, Season:All except the Final, Weapon: peacelover - USA

Favorite Charater: Gabrielle, Episode: One Against an Army, Seasons: 3 & 6, Weapon: Sword - Canada

Jenn Aiello
Favorite Character: Xena, Episode: The Greater Good, Seasons: 1-6, Weapons: Sword, Sais, Chakram, Breast Dagger

The Neon Tetra's and The Sucker Fish
Favorite Character: Xena, Gabby, Joxer., Episode: Friend in Need 1 and 2, Season: 1,2, and 3,Weapon: Sword, Sais, Chakram.

Our Mom Jenn watched the show in 1995 when she was 18 years old. She has a costume of Xena but not call the parts of it, also Mags, 
DVD's and anything Xena. Please make her meet Lucy Lawless she wanted to meet her so badly, 
Can that happen? Send her money to go to the convention!