On June 21st, 2001, The Xena Scrolls website is launched as a one page editorial about how disturbing the series ending was and that a movie should be made to give the fans closure.In early 2002,  I decided to write The Beyond the Xena Scrolls mini series, which included both commercials and sound.  The story also gave anyone who read it closure from the dismal series finale. 

Homepage graphics were designed, paving the way for my new graphic arts hobby.

.  By 2003, I had written more Xena episodes & added more artwork  The site was  becoming fan interactive, with features like Be a Guest Star & Xenaholics Anonymous.  Contests were run where the winners would win Xena Treasure Boxes made with my artwork.

The homepage graphics were also updated.In 2004, more fan interactive options like Hobnobbers and The Scrolls Tomb were added & the homepage graphics wer again changed.   2005 saw a monthly artwork contest begin, hosted by  sub-site, The Xena Artist's Collective. In 2006, the 1st Xena ONLINE Convention was run. 2007 saw the second.2008 saw another facelift & one more ONLINE Convention.
In retrospect, I look back & if Xena hadn't died at the end of the series, this site would have never been started & I wouldn't have discovered  my love of writing or artwork. I'm truly grateful for that, but I still want to see a movie.
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